Nacho Monreal (18)


…under Wenger.


Funny how it seems that none of our players can play anywhere much less in their favoured positions under wenger. Soon you will be telling us that Ozil is no good in the no. 10 role!


Horrible defensively. Shouldn’t start at LB next season.

Whether that is Kolasinac or another LB but I’ve had enough and i’ve had enough him escaping criticism from horrible performances just because Mustafi and Cech steal the headlines


Kolasinac is worse as LB though so unless we are just gonna promote AMN, I dunno what to do. LB has gotta be low on our priority list of where we have to spend in the summer.


think it has to be pretty high is Kolasinac and Monreal are both bad.


Mad how quick shit changes at clubs like Arsenal. It was obvious when our fans were creaming over how much of a tank Kolasinac is that the whole outlook about him could change dramatically. Just cause he’s hench people were overly excited.


He actually performed pretty good at the beginning (before he was wengerised if you like). I liked him for that, not because he was a tank.


I don’t doubt it but you have to admit a lot of our fans online were going off his size before waiting to see long term consistency.


Yes, to be fair there was lots of silliness too.


Another weak link in a very poor defence.


I think he is among our top 5 goalscorers this season :smile:


wanna know where he was for the goal???

Welbeck lost the ball, and kos of course bitched out but there was literally acres of space on the left side there and no cover.

LB is another position to upgrade on urgently. This guy is bobbins defensively


He’s the Sergio Ramos of FB’s these days.

More known for goal scoring than defensive ability.


Don’t really know what you expect him to have done in this situation, he actually should have been even further forward given that he isn’t keeping a line with Koscielny and Mustafi and Bellerin is miles ahead.

I really don’t understand how Welbeck escapes criticism. A guy who is RENOWNED for being a terrible clumsy donkey with -500 ability to dribble tries to dribble between 4 players. Surely, Koscielny fucking fucked up but if you look past the obvious, that fuck up can happen and is unpreventable. However not allowing your terrible forward to dribble when he has zero ability to do so is easily preventable, no? How is he allowed to do that by the manager?


But @Darkseid said fullbacks were both bombing forward at the time of goal


Easy to say that in hindsight but with no options ahead of him and the clear need for a second goal I think most players on the pitch would have tried to do that. The alternative was to hold it up only slightly past the half way line. He got reasonably far too tbh. He couldn’t have known losing the ball there could mean one simple ball forward would take our back line out.


The clear need was to ensure we kept a clean sheet. It’s something Arsenal seem to fail to comprehend despite countless years of European failure.


So the forwards should have shut up shop completely? I don’t believe you were really thinking that at the time. The back line had one ball and one player to deal with.


Nah I agree we should have still tried to score the second goal to a certain degree, spastic equaliser to concede though.


Are you thick? He had 4 players in front of him, when has he been able to dribble past one to have the confidence to try to beat 4? To say that because he had no options he had to dribble is farcical. There were 11 minutes left to look for a goal, trying to beat 4 players is nothing short of giving them the ball and helping them set up a counter-attack.

Yeah he could, if he had any tactical discipline that is. That’s how counter attacking works, You invest all your players attacking, you lose the ball - you are exposed and out of shape defensively.