Mykhailo Mudryk

He was around £45m.

Yer I remember it being £50m

Yep, we’re both right.

Raheem Sterling has expressed relief at the completion of his acrimonious transfer from Liverpool to Manchester City for an initial £44m and believes he is joining a club “capable of winning things year in, year out”.

The fee for the 20-year-old could rise to £49m with add-ons linked to appearances and honours.

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Wonder how much of a say Pep had in those transfers. Wasn’t the best kept secret at the time that Pellegrini was just keeping the seat warm. Kdb for instance surely one with peps fingerprints after seeing him in action in Germany.

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And Chelsea were again dumb enough to give them all their money back :rofl:

We got a lucky escape with this one. I’m sorry but a few decent games and tricks in CL doesn’t make a 100 million pound player. You should be only paying that if Mudryk is coming off two to three seasons in Urkainan league pulling up crazy numbers and winning POTY there alongside a bunch of impressive CL’s performances.

Maybe under a manager who’ll take him under his wing and try to bring out the best in him, he might end up a strong PL player. But I still think either we be questioning why Chelsea paid that money for him or they offload him in next two or three seasons. I just don’t see a world class potential talent in this guy.

Take it missed the target.


went really fast then extremely wide of the target

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When he said he loved Arsenal, maybe it was his arsenal not ours.


Bombing in Ukraine, bombed at Chelsea.