Moussa Dembélé

Which one is this?

It’s the real one. The other ones are just imposters.

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Unless they’re a defender or midfielder, I’m not interested. This would be a classic Wenger move - Need a defender but buy a forward.

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this will only happen if we lose one of Auba or Laca I’d think.

Before somebody says farmer’s league, yous can FACK OFF


He did it in the good ol Brexit league the championship aswell for all you English to keep you happy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Plus big performances in the CL for Celtic and Lyon.

I’d be very happy with this and he doesn’t have an annoying brother like Auba does

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Agriculurist’s league? :grinning:


Quite right, too.

Farmer’s leagues, plural. (Excluding his 2 games in the Prem, of course)

More like pub league, they aren’t as fit as farmers


I’d need to see each of his 20 goals against Livingston and St Mirren again before deciding whether he’s genuinely good or just has padded stats from being in the farmers’ league. But, could be a steal and he’s still really young too

We’ll need someone when Auba leaves for sure… I just don’t see any scenario where Auba stays with us once we hit summer (or maybe earlier).

He’s only 23 years old too, I thought he was older given how long he seems to have been around for!

More impressed with his SPL form than the French tbh.

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Better than Abraham. Bit annoying if they buy our Aubameyang replace for me tho if he is actually leaving

Hope it’s just skybet at it again.

God I hate how much better run they are than us. Sickens me.

He’s not close to being ready to replace Aubameyang.

We aren’t gonna get another Aubameyang sitting in 12th mate.

Dembèlè is young and a very highly rated striker. We could do worse.

We shouldn’t need another Aubameyang - we just need to create an environment that convinced the one we have that we are an ambitious club.

Dembélé might be good, but he also might continue to be largely unspectacular. And he doesn’t come cheap especially with Depay’s injury.