Mohamed Elneny (4)


Drink some camomille and everything is ok.


Yay :worried:

He’ll miss Preston (A), Swansea (A), Burnley (H), FA Cup rd 4 (if we progress) and probably Watford (H) as they’re surely going to progress out of the group stage. If Egypt do really well then maybe Chelsea (A) too.

Our midfield is really light without him, only Xhaka, Coquelin & Ramsey who is far from reliable fitness wise.

Edit: Forgot about Bournemouth (A) before the Preston game.


Fuck! Going to miss him as reliable back up.


Will we miss Iwobi as well?


So Egypt are through to the knockout rounds, that will push his return back until at least february depending whether they win their match this weekend. How long until a player joins back up with their club team once their eliminated from the competition?



bah… not great timing - hope it doesn’t extend his already factored absence too much longer.


Time to borrow that private jet Liverpool are using


Not convinced his absense is even a loss truth be told.


Same, he’s very much just a squad player in my eyes.


With no Xhaka and Coquelin supposedly rested for the league games, you’d have to think Elneny would’ve started against Southampton, or else there is no point him being here.


Well, considering we only have 2 midfielders available, it’s a big loss.


The mighty Oxlade will boss CM, sir.


He is utterly inept in CM against proper opposition.


Elneny isn’t even capable of making some of the passes Ox did in that last match. That pass to Sanchez with the outside of his boot for example? Elneny doesn’t even pull that shit off in his dreams.


Yeah because playing CM is solely about playing a through ball or two.

I can gaurentee if you played Elneny and Chambo in CM for 10 games in a row, Elneny will trump all of Chambo’s stats. Ground covered, tackles, aerial duels, interceptions and passing accuracy etc.

The likes of Chambo and Maitland-Niles can get away with it against Southampton U15s but not against more experienced opposition. Strongly believe that.


Just becausd i have nothing else to do thats remotely interesting, i’m willing to make a wager.

That if Ox plays CM he will do so at the very least, competantly. I vaguely remember him doing well in the middle of the park against Bayern. So could be interesting to keep an eye on.


His best ever performances for us came against Milan and Munich and he played at CM


Im guessing Milan and Bayern arent ‘proper opposition’ :smile:


Can’t argue with Bayern, however that was a pretty poor Milan side we faced in the CL that time round. Would feel weird personally to describe Milan as not proper opposition though, almost out of respect. But no denying AOC was brilliant in that match everyone refers to, it was a very exciting performance.