Mohamed Elneny (4)


That top option is exactly how I would describe him but it doesn’t mean the second option is untrue either.

He works hard, he continues the play, he gets forward on occasion and he does his overall job well. Good squad player.


Kristan Gibbs is looking fine these days.
He will look well handsome as he age.

As for the poll,
Option 1 & 3 both for me


Elneny is a valued member of the squad in my eyes. He should have featured alot more earlier in the season rotating with Santi. He does the basics of the CM role well, keeps it simple, generally efficient, good work rate with a decent ability to read. Which is largely where Ramsey has failed.

He’s average as a player but that isn’t a bad thing per se. If he wants to move to the next level needs to improve his technique and intelligence


Ah yeah maybe should have put multiple choice. I was struggling with the options. Just reply if you feel more than one answer is correct.


I effectively put a handy squad player and does most things well but nothing outstanding. Not sure what should start ahead of Ramsey means ? Both of them are squad players in my eyes.


Pecking order mate. If everyone else is out except them, who do you start in central midfield?

For me personally it all depends on the opposition.


Elneny is a baller much better than his current squad status. Should be on the bench every game instead of Ramsey.


I see Ramsey as the back up to Ozil So i’d probably start Elneny in central midfield over him as he has more care about his positioning etc.


He’s pretty ordinary but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being ordinary at pretty much everything if it means you don’t really have outstanding weaknesses and he’s also young enough to have room to grow and it’s easy to forget his experience is from Egypt/Switzerland so he should naturally improve in the PL.

I have a feeling if he was getting the starts he could evolve into a very good player but I don’t know if he’ll ever get the chance. I think if we ever need to rely on him in a crisis though he’ll be reliable for us.

We have enough midfield bodies now. The only change to our midfield will be Cazorla’s age catching up with him and in that scenario Wenger has a call to make. I think Xhaka will turn into the king of our midfield in the same kind of way Fabregas did, so at the end of the day it’s going to be which player is most suited to playing with him and with some improvement I think Elneny could be that guy in a similar fashion to how Flamini just felt like a perfect fit for Fabregas.


Hard to truly define how great or bad he could be but from the sample size we’ve seen so far, it’s fair to say we have him at a happy medium, a fairly well rounded player. There’s no over the top flashiness about him; back heels, side line cruyff turns and blond ‘elite’ fucking hair cuts. Just engine + distribution. Simple and efficient.

I agree on what @Craigie is saying about him being a perfect accompaniment to a player like Xhaka in the future who seems to have a higher skill set than him. It’s important too because throughout Wenger’s career, he likes to have a consistent pairing centrally (Fab/Flam - Arteta/Ramsey - Le Coq/Cazorla) and the players ahead of that pairing generally place themselves due to form or balance.


Never expect much from him but he really should be doing better than last 2 games.
Very boring performance.


Shouldn’t be starting big games like that for Arsenal.


Interesting. Schars decent aswell.


Shame. Schar instead of Gabriel would have been super.


He could have been a superschar.


I wouldn’t trust a single thing from that twitter account. The guy who runs it is absolute scharlatan.


Elneny actually said that in an interview for an Egyptian TV channel.


I think you missed the joke dude, I wasn’t actually questioning the truth of the quotes :slight_smile:


Schar is an Hoffenheim reserve :kosc:


on Elneny…
It’s sickness only, it’s not an injury.

He’s alright!