Mohamed Elneny (4)


If we’re talking about raising money I’d rather Xhaka’s 100k out of the door over Elneny’s 50k.

Probably get more fee too from a stupid club.


You get a clap from me. :clap:


Looks like Xhaka is thinking wtf is on my head


Elneny is a good squad player if the rest of your midfield is quality. As it stands, he’s just another average player in an average group of midfielders. We need to start shifting players out to make space for better.


Seems more logical to try and shift Xhaka at this point rather a solid squad player. His contribution to the 11 is highly suspect and he’s paid almost double what Elneny is.


I agree, but to shift out so many inadequate players that are on massive wages, relative to their ability, and get two or three top quality midfielders is almost impossible, given that we have a board that are more than happy with what is going on and only spend when absolutely necessary or when an top quality player leaves.

Like you say, Elneny is a good squad player but unfortunately most of our first team players would be good squad players at any other top European club, while they are regular first team players for us.


Welbeck is our new LB so we can’t sell him :unai:


True tbh

Hope we see that happening soon


Should definitely sell, ANM and Guendouzi are younger, superior players who will get his minutes. Won’t a sniff of decent first team football so might as well prep the squad for January.


I don’t think AMN or Guendouzi are currently better than him but they almost certainly have a higher ceiling.


In particular has the ability to play a forward, defense cutting ball which I’ve rarely seen from Elneny. Emery needs to eradicate our backwards and lateral passing, and Elneny contributes to that as much as players like Mustafi.

If we want to start playing free flowing transitional play we need to start getting the right personnel into the right positions, I’m not saying Guen or AMN are the next Santi but they are brave enough to play a certain way. For me the reward is worth the risk and they trump the safe, average player who is actually detrimental to playing good football.


You reckon we’re ready to rely on Guendouzi and AMN over a seasoned head who’s proven defensively?


The way I see it is that we’re destined for a 5th / 6th place finish anyway. Might as well invest minutes into developing players with potential rather than treading water with Elneny.


Elneny has pulled off some Xavi esque lofted passes. People tend to ignore them.


Shit is shit no matter where and when


I was expecting him to get picked at centre back in the Southampton game.

If he can’t get in the side when Holding, Sokratis, Mustafi, Greek Boy and Kolasinac all aren’t available, I don’t know where he goes from here


Yeah it’s been evident he’s done for a good while now.

Wenger didn’t fancy him and Emery doesn’t seem to either, he should have been let go in the summer. When Guendouzi is regularly getting in ahead of you, you honestly need to assess your options.


Why the fuck did we give him #4?!


Probably cos he asked for it.


I thought we let him go already… and he is still here… interesting