Mohamed Elneny (4)


Wow. Never thought i’d see this guy sent off. He’s too nice.


still cant see what he was sent off for. Some saying he said something but what could he have said to get a red card? I have seen players straight up curse at the refs calling them all sorta and they dont even get a card.


What a robbery, first we lose Elneny and WIlshere will manage to stink up the place a few extra games.




Do they give more details on the thought process behind the decision?! Struggling to understand it personally, I was under the impression that raising your hands to someone’s face and shoving them is always gonna result in a red. I certainly had no qualms with the red card he received.


I’m guessing they take presumed intentionality into consideration? I think it was relatively obvious he didn’t mean to push him in the face and was just trying to get him to back off. That said, I agree with what you’re getting at, their criteria used for decisions would seem to be wildly inconsistent.


Qué partidazo de Elneny!!!




2 assists.

Egyptian footballers >>>>>


Read he was good. Motm?


where the fuck was that when lacazette was on the pitch, this is what i am saying are the players being cunts towards him or are they just fucking stupid?


him or Ramsey, they were great both of them


Salah wishes he was big Mö


Salah and Big Mo gonna combine and win the WC.

Trigger the Russians as well.


Dude has an engine for lungs… was running even harder towards the end of the match. Impressive.


Brilliant in the 2nd half, not his biggest fan but I’d be playing him above Jack… Elneny/ Ramsey / Xhaka


Starting to love this guy


Maybe cuz Laca’s movement is shit and he’s also slow. I really wanna like the guy but he’s just so mediocre. Wish we woulda spent the money on a midfielder and kept Theo.

Back on topic, Elneny is head and shoulders above Xhaka, fight me irl.


Told ya Elneny has something about him


He looks badly injured. So unlucky :frowning: