Mohamed Elneny (4)


Imagine if it’s another one of those 100k a week contracts for a bang average squad player.


It’s not.


Long gone are those days, now that this dude is running the show. Big Huss is Mr No Nonsense!


What source do you have that suggests the amount it is ? Cheers.


Is there a compilation of Elneny’s passes?
I have a feeling that we all underestimate quality of his passes at times.

I am definitely glad he is in the squad as a solid option.


Impossibile he earns 100k a week, imo. He should be around 70k.


He was on £55k before, absolutely no way he’ll be on £100k now. I’d go with your estimate of about £70k, though it might not even be that much – our contract negotiator seems to be cracking the whip.


From Elneny’s perspective, I doubt he would have a better club vying for his signature so I’m hoping we’ve leveraged that and extended him on reasonable terms.




Common sense really. He was apparently on 40k, he’s not a regular, we paid very little for him and he’s not a particularly saleable asset with tons of interest from elsewhere. Also it’s clear from the Jack negotiations that Wenger isn’t in charge of this area anymore. 180k a week to ox was seemingly the last hurrah for Wenger in terms of contract negotiation.


I don’t think Wenger was ever the person to decide wages.


He was though.


LOL what about all the other hacks we have had a big wages over the years, did logic apply to that ?


Which players in specific are you talking about?


Coq and Theo are two that spring straight to my mind, the offer we had on the table for Oxlade Chamberlain, sizeable deals for players like Jenkinson despite him not even being Championship standard… Welbeck.


Wasn’t an extension but Chamakh has got to be the worst in recent memory. Still trying to figure out how that guy got a top club’s scouting team to give him the nod of approval. Pretty good microcosm of the shambles that this club has been under the direction of late era Wenger.


Chamakh was a good option as back up striker. Like it was supposed too. But like f.e. Squillaci got a way to big of role because of injuries. I’m not sure what wages we signed him tho.


He was another on pretty hefty wages at the time when you consider our wage structure.



Welbeck is really shit but Chamakh makes him look competent.


I’m not entirely sure I buy the Chamberlain wages story because if we believe that we also believe Chelsea offered him 200k+. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an agent story to get more from Liverpool

Theo was pretty much market value