Mohamed Elneny (4)


This is worse than when I was gunning Djourou for his supportive messages on Insta.


The sentiments there and Mo’s a trooper, but it’s just plain embarrassing that. But it’s his account to write what he pleases, still far preferable to the post-PR spin that’s being cooked up for when we avoid defeat by Man City on Thursday.


Every time Elneny opens his mouth it reminds me of the time Denilson said we could win the quadruple.


I wonder if Mo still thinks we can win the league :thinking:


His heart’s in the right place bless him haha


Then when Wenger wanted to sell him he said he was leaving, “to win trophies” :grinning:


Don’t worry Momo, we can still win the title if we win our last 10 and City lose their last 10 provided we overturn the 50 GD difference in the process.


Very positive in this current setup


He’s doing the Ramsey b2b thing very well this game



Good news. Best Egyptian in the Premier League!


Wilshere and/or Ramsey has to go then. Otherwise investment in cm is going to be highly unlikely. If Wenger remains I expect Xhaka to stay for another year.


Great squad player. Good news.


Even with Ramsey and Wilshere staying there’s definitely room for an upgrade on Xhaka.


I’m not sure how good news this is. We need to overhault this midfield so we need some midfielders out. Coquelin has gone, we need more to go and at least 2 upgrade midfielders in. Having said that I always rated Elneny for his tidy play and workrate. His range of passing is quite underrated too.


Elneny is basically the ideal squad player. Can’t see the issue here, if he prevents people from being brought in that’s because of defective squad planning, and, well, having an ideal squad player isn’t going to change that.


I am fine with it, as he is a good squad player to have.


Reminds me of Edu.

Very pleased!


I’m not sure we’ll sign a 5th center midfielder.


I’m glad he’s signed but I need to see the wage first.

Elneny is a good squad player, his salary should reflect that