Mohamed Elneny (4)


Which is why we find it funny


Nobody, just NOBODY would clash with Ibra.


Someone stupid might, they might not come out of it alive tho…it reminds me of when Barton decided to give it a whirl, the definition of a stupid person. :henry2:


Was he really bad too? I mean, he was getting a lot of praise post-Chelsea win as if he had that starting spot nailed down…now we’re considering bringing back Alex Song as an emergency?!


Thought Elneny was the only one doing something. He had to cover for everyone in the middle.


I would start Elneny till the end of season.
If he can do a job, he stay.
If he can’t, we need a new DM and El goes to the bench.


Think we need a new DM regardless, Elneny is fine as a squad player but we need that proper midfield general DM.

One that is a given on the team sheet and is as consistent as our best players.


If he is fine, save the money for a bigger purpose.
I think we have already spent what we could spend and max out our transfer budget.
If not DM, we need a new keeper, a CB to either pair with a healthy Kos or to replace him.
Also, Monreal is not young anymore, and Wenger doesn’t trust Kola that much…


I don’t think he will be though, I don’t mind him but he’s not got that kind of quality or high level of consistency IMO.

We now need a CM,CB and young promising forward and we should be good.


Love you Mo, but what the fuck have you been smoking?!


LOL! WTF!? :smile:


Talking about our version of the title obviously. Top 4


Only 24 points off the pace with 36 points still to play for, we also have a match against City to play also, the title charge is on :muscle:


Yeah well, why not?


We could get all 36 points… and city could fall apart with a few more injuries

We had the best January in all of Europe so why not?


Fucken’ Giroud baguette lover, doom monger!! !


Obv the 4th place title, feckers are obviously bonused to feck on it. If they were bonused only on winning the title they might actually put up a title challenge for a full season.


He is quite clearly talking about the 4PT and he’s hardly wrong is he, we are in the race


Think he clearly deserves to start more.


So perfect so far. His positioning has been spot on.