Mohamed Elneny (4)


Great performance Elneny. I swear he played CB that whole second half and Koscielny was DM. Lovely defensive work, ball support and passing.


Seems my previous comment about him is the total reverse and maybe applies to Xhaka! Elneny has been brilliant recently. Doing everything that’s being asked of him in that role right now, shielded the defence nicely.


More shots fired? Love Elneny’s tweets


Typical “you can talk shit when you are winning”…

Didn’t hear him said much when we were on a slump.


Wow they really didnt like Sanchez :joy:


Elneny definitely didn’t. Remember his tweet about the world cup before? There was definitely some heat behind that.


He also sent a nice tweet to Theo saying he enjoyed playing with him and wishing him well, then he tweeted Mkhitaryan welcoming him to the club. Nothing about Sanchez.

Big Mo is becoming another cult hero!


Dayum Elneny straight gangsta lol, I’m becoming a bigger fan of his by the minute.


I trust Elneny to accurately reflect the the situation in the dressing room. Doesn’t seem like kind of guy to have an agenda


That tweet was so fucking funny, just cracked up on train home thinking about it :rofl:



Lol the united fans in the comments. Obsessed :joy:

One Mo Elneny! There’s only one Mo Elneny!


Haha just had a look. “Awful footballer”

“This Guy is so hurt about Sanchez’ departure” yeah looks like it…

I think Man United fans are genuinely annoyed that we don’t care about losing Sanchez.


Edit: @JakeyBoy


Post that a hundred times and you’ll get a hundred likes from me

Love it


If the players here hate him so much and he was causing so much upset behind the scenes i await with glee rubbing my hands to see what carnage he is gonna cause at manu.

I guarantee it that the little fucker is gonna start pulling rank on a lot of the players there and acting out because he feels ‘i am the star here, i am the world class one i am the one paid the most i am the highest rated’ and because of this ‘i expect you to do as i say i want the game ran through me’

Even if that doesnt happen, i wanna know what is gonna happen when it comes to twats like lingard and pogba etc when it comes to contract renewals and the preening little fucker pogba how will he feel that he is not centre of attention anymore and the big name.

Mourinho doesnt gives 2 fucks what state Manu is in after all of this all he cares about getting 1 up on Pep and Wenger (so he thinks) and if shit goes tits up he will do what he always does blame the squad etc and then fuck off somewhere with a big pay off. I am damn sure this is gonna cause Manu problems sometime down the line.


I love that he @'s him as well. Just to drive the point home :arteta:

Reeks of somebody who just had enough of alexis’s shit.


Momo, the new Ebouè? :wenger:


People are reading too much into his tweets.

That world cup tweet surely must have been a fun dig at Sanchez, rather than an annoyed backlash.


I imagine Sanchez and Ibra could clash rather easy.