Mine is better - The 00s

Let’s distract ourselves a bit

Well, the game is simple(shamelessly stolen).
Simply speaking, select 11 players to play for you against your fellow poster’s select 11.

Once enough participants are interested, we will assign each of you a sequence number. (via excel random generator or some online sequencer)
Based on your sequence number, you would know when your turn to select a player will come.

Each participant will get to select 11 players belonging to the criteria of the draft.
One non-selected player per turn.

Each turn will last the maximum of one hour. If the player is not submitted within the hour, the turn is void and the participant will have to wait till his next turn.

What next?
Once every player has 11 players. We will draft matchups and let the forum decide who would win between the two teams.
So on and so on, till we have a winner.

Criteria - Select players active between 2000-2009

PS - I believe 12 participants will be good enough.
4 groups of 3 posters.
groups match between each poster and 2 progress into the next level.

8 posters in the next level.
4 in next
2 in next
and the winner

Any suggestion is welcome


fair enough

Bump. Anyone interested?



Sure sounds fun.

If you struggle with names you should try @ing a few members @Trion

11 aside could/would be quite a lengthy selection process. 132 potential players/posts. If it’s 5 aside with a set formation that might be better. 60 players in total. Bit more of a novelty too.

Just my two cents. :+1:


Emmanuel Adebayor

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Fair suggestion.
Let’s try with 5 a side. Although I have seen it work with 11 since the player selection in later process brings out some gems.

For first time, 5a side does make sense.

Go on then. I’ll put my name down.

I could imagine.



@discobot fortune
will you play?


I’ll chuck my name in

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@discobot fortune is Trion the real bitch?

:crystal_ball: Don’t count on it

Lol works for me :slightly_smiling_face:

@discobot quote

:left_speech_bubble: The heart has eyes which the brain knows nothing of. — Charles Perkhurst

I’ll play @Trion

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