Mikel Arteta


But how? Have they been watching footage of City training sessions? Have they been watching matches he’s coached with his own tactics? Have they ever even met him until a month ago?

My only gripe is that he’s never managed. For example, Darren Moore has managed West Brom for 6 weeks and showed some improvement and got the job. If Arteta had managed West Brom for 6 weeks and showed some improvement, that’d be enough for me to prove he can pick a team and coach a defence and set pieces to a degree at least and that him taking the Arsenal job might not be a complete disaster.

If Arteta truly is a brilliant managerial talent then it’s a fucking waste to get him now. Why give him one of the biggest jobs in the world to make his mistakes? He could easily spend a year or two at a lesser team and then we could recruit him.


My sentiments exactly. I’m coming round to accepting it and I feel optimistic because it’s a future without Wenger.

But the truth is not only are we getting someone with absolutely 0 managerial experience we are getting someone who I assume we are expecting to be Pep II. And I can tell you for free, these players we have are not Pep players and it’ll take a few seasons to bring in a squad that would suit that style of play. And there is no way the fans will be patient with Arteta for a few seasons unless they see marked improvements on previous campaigns.

It’s just too big a risk.


Yea firstly even if we just appointed Guardiola, no way are these players good enough or fit enough to play Pep ball, they just aren’t. Then you have to doubt Arteta is tactically astute or as motivationally inspiring as Pep, it’s just not likely.

My only hope is Arteta has found Pep’s secret EPO locker and he’s bringing it with him.


The only reason I’m ok with it is that he’ll be fucked out if it doesn’t work. I don’t expect it to be a success but I’d happily be wrong about that.


Arteta will be a fall guy/patsy who’s inexperience can be blamed for the short comings and then we’ll hire a top manager who will be available and won’t have to deal with the pressures of following Wenger as that will have been deflected by Arteta and tempering our expectations.

Hire me Gazidis.


You can all get down on your knees and beg forgiveness when he’s lifting the Champions League trophy!


This is the thing, any manager should be given time to put his system into effect. Klopp and Guardiola didn’t improve their teams standings in their first season. Arteta like any other manager needs 2 seasons before being judged, or at least 18 months

If you’re sacking a manager after 1 season there’s not a whole lot of point of even having a manager.


Just as much as you will beg forgiveness when after 3 years we are still in the EL and he is fired. :wink:


Agreed. I didn’t give a time frame.


Mikel Arteta Arsenal Manager, just doesn’t sound right.

We better get used to be the new Everton in the league table. Where we conveniently are already positioned.


Dont get all the negativety. When Mavropanos is lifting the prem next season you will all cry in joy.


I’ll get down on my knees and suck him off if he wins us a Champions League


She didn’t specify who he’s going to be lifting the trophy for :wink:


I’ll watch :welbeck:


The fact that pochettino wanted him and that Pep rates him so highly means he def has something in him, and he is 36 so i assume we will modernize the tactics and training approach.

Pep praised him for his individual work with young players like Sane, let’s hope he can be to maitland niles, nelson and mavro what pep was to busquets, pedro etc.

If he really is the next manager it is not a safe route but an exciting one and i can’ wait!


As a coach - perhaps. But I wouldn’t use that as any indication of him as a manager. They’re just completely different roles.


Thing is, if Mikel wins the first 5 league games he’s involved in, the laughter stops, the stadium is full and the fans think “why not? Why can’t we win the league?” Opposition fans, who are laughing at us now, will suddenly stand back and take notice.

In the last couple of seasons, I seriously cant see how/why Wenger hasn’t saved himself by treating 5 games as cup finals. Get the pressure off your back, get the fans on side. But, alas, thats probably why he’s no longer here. Failure to prepare and prepare to fail, as the old adage goes.

Having said all that, I still don’t want Arteta. Not while we can attract a big name


From what I’ve read about him, his work with younger players like Sterling and Sane, has seen them become very good players but that means he is very good at coaching individuals.

Will that translate to coaching a whole team, where there are eleven individuals coming together in different formations to defend and attack, as well as dealing with different personalities, injuries and most importantly, the pressure of managing a top European team?

I’m not convinced that someone with no experience, is the better option than someone who has seen it and done it before.


I do agree that it’s not the same role but i would not agree that is completely different, as an assistant he must have been involved and familiar with tactis, prupose of training drills and planing in general.

But yes, being in charge is a much bigger challenge, my point was that him being praised by two of the best managers in the league is a good thing, especially pep whoo seems to be a perfectionist.


See above mate.

I share the same concerns but I’m just hyped lol

Though I genuinely believe he will be a success, but we may have to give him some time.

I’m just really excited for a fresh change and a new era.