Mikel Arteta


Hmm, I think that guy may have a disability. (The video in the Twitter link)


It’s not over yet! I’m holding out hope, although deep in my heart I knew our board would go the cheap uninspiring option as I’ve argued for years.




Such a nothing tweet.

Are they sure it isn’t 91%?


That’s got to be BS. Who tells the players anything when it’s 90%


Not sure how true it is, but there’s also some stuff about the players’ reaction to Colin Lewin’s departure in that article

Meanwhile, Arsenal players are furious with the treatment of highly-respected physio Colin Lewin after he lost his job on Monday.

Lewin, who is hugely popular with the Arsenal squad, was informed on Monday that he would be part of a cull of Wenger’s backroom team.

But the shock news has been met with anger by Gunners players, who are said to be fuming at Lewin’s treatment.

Lewin, widely recognised as one of the best sporting physios in the country, has been at the club for 23 years and formed close relationships with the playing staff.

Not only that, he has intricate knowledge of players’ bodies and the physical problems they carry.

A number of Arsenal players need managing on a day-to-day basis and Lewin played a lead role in ensuring their recovery.


Tough shit lads. You all have been on easy street too long. Time to get you out your comfort zones



Glory? A former player with no managerial experience. Guardiola as an example made it not because he’s great. He’s got a built squad at every club managed.

Fat chance of success but a new Arsenal yes.


Guardiola is an incredible coach and his success is down to the level of detail that goes into his work, his obsession with the game and his studious and calculated approach. He’s a genius.


If pep handed over to Arteta now everyone would question if city would win next seasons title. Even with that squad that just hit a hundred points.
Arsenal are trying to cheat the system here and its not going to work. You have to hire and fire every 3 to 5 years and spend big basically.
Its modern day football for big clubs like it or loathe it with a smattering of youth development at best. We go down this route the guys on a hiding to nothing. Its not forward thinking its idealistic nonsense doomed to failure. Tbf the board have said nothing yet. Just hope this is not true for everyones sake including Artetas.


If this goes south, not sure how much interest I can man muster next year. This year was all-time low for me in live minutes watched… will be even fewer if we look disjointed again.


Really need him to do similar with Iwobi


He’s nowhere near my first choice, but having thought about this for a few hours I’ll give him a chance.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and being Peps assistant for two years can’t be the worst place to get your education in management. The simple truth is that we don’t know how he will do for us, he could be horrible but he could also turn out to be the best manager on the planet. You just never know, so let’s give him a chance.


Very tenuous but maybe we have increased our sample size from 0 to 1 (of games Arteta has managed).

Getting increasingly hyped about this now.


I can’t imagine they give too much of a shit really. He’ll have got a nice pay off and if he’s that respected he’ll pick up another job no problem.

I’m sure there’s a bit of shock about how quickly things are changing but ultimately players just get on with it. It’s a profession where people up sticks or get moved on all the time.


Don’t think he can teach Mustafi how to defend, tbh :mustafi:


I tell you one thing: don’t get overhyped for Arteta because it can be a very rude awakening. He is not Allegri or Guardiola :wink:


I’ll be quiet and see how he does if in fact he’s gonna be our new manager. However Arsenal never fucking get it right do they? Why do they want to cause us so much pain as supporters? Ffs Mikel fucking Arteta, when Nagelsmann, Allegri and others could be had smh :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: Nagelsmann is out here with drones and shit and Arteta has a fucking 1980s dry erase board with magnets trying to show players tactics lululul can’t make this shit up man.


The fact of the matter is that Nagelsmann and Allegri can’t be had. There are multiple reports stating that.


I just don’t think we’re willing to pay.