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But Guardiola took over a team that wasn’t his and after buying only a few first team players, none of which could be described as world class, has transformed them into the best team in Europe.

I know he isn’t going to do that with Stoke or Swansea but he could certainly win trophies and win the PL with our budget.
Don’t forget Wenger has also bought three or four expensive players in the last couple of windows and he seems to have gone the other way.

I don’t remember Wenger, or any other top PL manager, queueing up to buy Delph, Sterling, Walker, Fernandinho, Ederson, Otamandi, Danilo etc, who are all first team players.

So Guardiola must be doing something they can’t.

Can you name any other manager who comes close to doing what Guardiola has done?


What! Ferguson United team was great - Scholes, Rooney, Tevez, Ronaldo, Carrick, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, VDS and there were plenty more…

Mourinho - Di Maria, Ozil, C. Ronaldo, Alonso, Ramos, Marcelo, Benzema, Higuain and plenty plenty more…

Allegri - Buffon, Barzagli, Chiellini, Bonucci, Marchisio, Pogba, Morata, Mandzukic, Khedira


I like the way his team plays; but it’s not all dominant. When we played them at the etihad we matched his team, had it not been for some ridiculous calls the game would have ended very differently.


That’s because none of them cost a penny and every single one of them improved dramatically under the management of Pep. Not one single player listed did not improve dramatically under Pep.


That doesn’t mean having a GOAT, having 2 midfielders one level below GOAT and one of best CBs ever; did’t make sure Pep didn’t have to purchase expensive players.

Messi alone takes care of goalscoring of 2 CFs.

Listing them as if a credit to Pep is just ridiculous.


You have been listening to Wenger far too much.


All the players you listed are over £40 million no manager would spend that. He bought over £300 million in new talent that is not a small outlay. Man you did that over two seasons he did in one.

So yeah spending money makes things great I guess


I watched the match


yea, we were good that day, no doubt about it. They’ve been doing it for 5 months at this stage, we’ve done it once since that game…


We played at same level against spurs and united, the latter under shit circumstances




Yes we did.


9/10 times we would of beaten united just with arsenal you always get the 1/10


They are credit to Pep because they improved dramatically under his management. The Messi pre-Pep was not on the same level as the Messi we saw during and after Pep. He transformed him. Like he did players like Xavi and Iniesta.


You make it sound like Pep was given a bunch of misfits.

Pep had Ageuro, Silva, Yaya, Kompany, Sterling, Nasri, 40m pound Mangala, 40m pound Otamendi, De Bruyne.

Tell me what manager won’t do as well as Pep did last season with that squad?

Because the squad needs only that much to make it better. He already had major pieces in best CF of the league, best midfielder of the league, one of best CB in league etc.

And he bought in more than 4-5 first team players. He brought in Ederson, Mendy, Walker, Gundogan, Bernardo Silva, Jesus, Leroy Sane etc.
He also made failed attempts in Bravo, Nolito etc.

Don’t give me that bullshit that Guardiola was dealing with some shit team & added just few players.

Give his initial team (Ageuro, Silva, Yaya, Kompany, Sterling, Nasri, 40m pound Mangala, 40m pound Otamendi, De Bruyne.) to any manager and they will do well.

Wenger that you berate all the time won FA CUP BY BEATING PEP GUARDIOLA.


Ofcourse Messi improved. He was fucking 19 or some at the time.
What the fucking hell dude.


Huh? When did Pep spend £300m in one summer?


Are you being wilfully ignorant?

Messi scores 16 goals the season before Pep and 40 in his first season under Pep. He was transformed under Pep Gurdiola’s managenent.


They were expensive because it was Man City doing the buying, but I still maintain that Walker and Stones, who are the only first team regulars that Guardiola bought, that were over 40m, wouldn’t be considered world class.

Have a look at the players in the Man City first team, that start most games and they are either players that were already there, or that were not considered elite players when he bought them.

It’s not as if he has assembled a wishlist of the best players in Europe, because I’m fairly sure that Delph, Walker, Otamendi, Stones, Fernandinho, Emerson etc, wouldn’t be on any other top managers list.

He has also managed to turn round, dramatically the form of under performing players like Sterling, who under previous managers had done very little to deserve a first team place.


He was injured the season before pep