Middlesbrough vs Arsenal (Premier League)


Middlesbrough vs Arsenal
Premier League
Monday 17th April, 20:00
Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough


  • Middlesbrough win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Can’t see us winning this. Not with Boro fighting for PL survival. They have us Sunderland and I think Bournemouth as their next 3 games and they would be seeing these games as key to survival.

Big Monday night game under the lights with atmosphere like last week where our cunt players will bottle it again.

0-0. draw. :sleeping:

Even we surely can’t fucking lose here but hey surprise me arsenal


“Premiership” :rolling_eyes: sort it out!

They’re awful so we’ll win.


Surely we’ll win this one. Middlesborough are absolutely awful. It’ll be a real indictment of our squad if we fail to get 3 points here.


Boro just need to watch our game against Palace and it’s gonna be an easy win for them.


[quote=“Phoebica, post:3, topic:1392”]
“Premiership” :rolling_eyes: sort it out!
[/quote]Fixed :innocent:


Premiership is bloody acceptable! I demand it be left as the thread creator intended. :bellerin:

It is colloquially known as the Premiership and outside the UK it is commonly referred to as the English Premier League (EPL).



Srsly if we don’t win here we might as well find the nearest bin and dive right in.

4th place is gone so I don’t care about this match other than somehow getting some momentum going before the Man City game


They’ll want it more than us…
Not many of ours have to fight for a semi final place so no incentive there to step it up.


Boro aren’t fighting for anything. They suck balls. If we can’t win this we don’t deserve to finish 7th.


Can’t possibly happen again this season after Walcott acknowledged it after the last game

Otherwise they’re dumb as well as lazy.


Dumb and dumber


We’re not great, but Boro are pretty awful themselves. I think we’ll scrap a win here. We simply got no other choice. 1-0


Sold out…well played all those going hopefully the players will step up…


I’m going to say 1-1, I know Boro are awful but our away form right now is pathetic and even though they are dire as fuck going forward we will give up a stupid goal at some point.


Failure to beat Boro will be worse than the 3-0 drubbing at Palace.


We win - too much quality gulf, despite our pathetic run of form. 3-0 to the Arsenal - another false dawn, unfortunately.


Another easy win.


Another result I don’t care about. Top 4 is long gone and we aren’t catching the Scum. CL anyways has no meaning for us. Europa or no Europa, I couldn’t care less. So, really, meh and I wouldn’t be surprised if the players have a similar attitude given how professional they have shown themselves to be in the last few months. There is nothing left to look forward to this season in the premiership.


Just rest players for the cup. Nothing else matters.