Mesut Özil (10)

Dunno, way too much of a risk.
Although, it’s not a bad idea if you come to terms with the idea that this is more of a prep for next season. Hopefully some will step up creatively. We haven’t seen that yet but it doesn’t happen overnight anyway.

At 3:50, that was hard to watch. Surprised Arteta wasn’t triggered.

Still got one more year of this waste of fucking space.

Will take a miracle for somebody to take him off our hands at this stage. Pray that some random Chinese or Qatari club decide to throw a fortune at him.

If it’s a choice of paying him £18.2m for another 12 months or giving him a lump sum of £10m and letting some other cunt pay the rest of his wages, that still saves us millions.

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@Sol I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Arsenal will reach some sort of settlement with Ozil and his people allowing him to do a bosman to Fenerbache or whatever club the Turkish PM wants him to play for.

It’s really very sad. I remember reading about the contract extension a few years ago. Never in a million years did I think he’d fall off a cliff like this. Slow down? Sure. But it’s all ending in tears I’m afraid.

It’s funny because we should have kept RVP and let him leave on a free but the blowback from that was so bad the club wound up signing Theo to that ridiculous contract and followed it up by signing Ozil to one that was even worse.


This is why when I sit back and think about it, I don’t fully blame the club for offering him that deal. Although I’ve never been Ozil’s biggest fan, at the time I think even his biggest critics in the fanbase were probably on board with signing him up because we’d been losing star players like Sanchez left and right, and holding onto someone of Ozil’s quality seemed a reasonable decision. If they hadn’t signed him up, we’d have all been hammering the club for being so small time and letting a player like him walk out the door for nothing.

We can fault the club all we want for offering a ridiculous deal but at the end of the day, there’s really only one person to blame here. Ozil was never a 350k a week player but if he had performed like a 150k a week player it would still have been fine, and I’m sure that’s what they hoped for. The idea that he signed that contract and then basically retired says much more about him than it does us.


It’s sad the way his Arsenal career is ending, really leaving a bad taste in so many people’s mouths. It has also led to people forgetting that his first 3-4 years were actually pretty good.


I mostly avoid this thread because its just a circle jerk of Özil hate but he’d probably be better than most of our options. We have real difficulties creating goal chances and hed do a lot to solve that but u probably can’t play he and Xhaka at the same time because they are both pretty worthless defensively. I think a midfield of Guendo, Ceballos and Özil would be pretty good.

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There is no place for a ‘lazy’ Ozil in Arteta’s 3-4-3.

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I’d disagree that Özil is lazy. He’s just not particularly good at defending. He runs alongside ppl and puts pressure but he isn’t very combative. At the least he’s an irritant.

On the flip side Xhaka is in fact actually very slow, clumsy, and lazy, yet we persist with him in midfield, sooo I dunno homeboy…

He’s definitely lazy. Sprints as little as humanly possible, whether in possession or out of possession.

Any proof of this? I mean he’s not played in forever but I couldn’t disagree more.

Come to Besiktas (or anyone not Arsenal :pray:)

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Just my eyes telling the truth tbh. He’s got good close control and dribbling but never bothered to dribble past players, why? Lazy cunt

I see him put in effort.

You have low standards

Nah he runs a lot. In the last couple seasons he’s covered more ground than most players on our team. I think it’s just a matter of everyone wanting to pick at him that they come up with bull shit like this.

He covers plenty of ground very slowly because he’s a jogging cunt. Never sprints the cunt. Ozil doesn’t sprint he thinks he’s above it

Not true. Look at Xhaka as someone who’s lazy that plants his feet in the ground like he’s stuck in cement and doesn’t move while defending. Ive never seen Özil do that.

It’s true Ozil is a lazy cunt. Ozil just jogs near the opposing player but doesn’t put a challenge in.

When attacking Ozil can’t be arsed to run and dribble past players

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Could we crowdfund his move? I know there was a rumor Turkish fans were trying to pool money to pay a transfer fee. Maybe we can pool our money to buy him out of contract?

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