Mesut Özil (10)

I wished for his Arsenal career to end on a high note next season, but that seems impossible.


He might sing “ya Gunners ya” in falsetto


I’m predicting Ozil doesn’t play for the club again.

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Fuck this guy. That is all.

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Hes genuinely becoming one of the biggest cunts to have played for this club for me. He gets 20 mil a year and puts 0 effort in, its worse than players showing ambition and leaving for trophies.

Hes played the equivalent of 23 league games in 2 seasons, and I’m not sure how many he played after February 2018 to May.


He is one of the reasons we can’t strenghten our team in the transfer window. He won’t go anywhere either, comfortably earning 300k a week until June 30 2021.


I think the bigger cunts are the ones who thought it would be a good idea to give him 350k (if that is actually the wage he’s on. I personally still find it hard to believe).


Good old Wenger days. Really like to know his take or input on this one.

FM2020 Has it at €400,000 a week. Not sure how accurate their info is though.

They would have assumed he would play for the shirt given how much we pay him. Not that he’d down tools and play Fortnite.

Most Arsenal fans were elated when the extension was announced

Major revisionism going on

I think extending the contract at the time was a good thing. The wage was always questionable though.

I still do wonder if the Adidas contract had anything to do with it. (Or other revenue he could bring to the club with his huge following)

Hindsight is 20/20 but after the Özil/Sanchez project failed we should have blown it up and started from scratch instead of saddling the club with such a monstrous wage for a player in his declining years. Keeping him on wasn’t going to bring us anywhere closer to the title.

Someone like Özil should never be our highest earner in terms position and what he contributes to the team and the funny thing is he wouldn’t have got that kind of money anywhere else especially when you consider the #10 position has evolved and he just like Wenger has failed to adapt to the game.

It would have taken real balls to let both go though and that was something the hierarchy had in short supply, I really hope we do not repeat the same mistake with Lacazette and Auba. If Auba goes then both should go and we start anew.


I get that point, but this guy is a professional footballer who signed this contract at 29 years old which isn’t far off prime midfielder age and he has given 0 fucks and has taken the club to the cleaners. Always niggling injury, never trained hard enough to justify a spot.

I despise attitudes like this.


I dont question the injuries but do question the medical staff who should of been flagging up the potential for these developing.
Clearly he has an attitude issue, especially since the world cup. He plays the fans off though through social media and people buy it.
Emery was not wrong on his handling of him.

Very true.

It was hardly Gullit v Shearer at Newcastle, or even Rioch v Wright at our esteemed club.

It was Emery v a player who will always remain non-plussed on the football pitch. Ozil isn’t going to turn our fortunes around.


The little snide photo and video that done the rounds at training of him dismissing Emery at the time highlighted it.

I think I remember that- got a link?

What a sad ending. Used up all of his goodwill among most of the fanbase. I can’t ever see him playing for us again. Maybe he’ll go in the summer or just see out his contract and have a year farting around in London like I did when I was in college.