Mesut Özil (10)


I feel some sympathy for him in this situation. If he played today, even reasonably well, and we still got slapped around he’d be a target for not putting in enough visible effort. But because he didn’t play and we got slapped around he’s a target because he could have been a difference maker.

The problem is, I don’t recall Ozil’s creativity somehow stopping our idiot defenders from shoving people in the box.


Some just want him out, as simple as that.
We don’t have any financial constraints but people love to use his salary to attack him.
They want 10 Torriera on the field, 100% pure blue collar football but zero creativity.




Nobody just wants him out for the sake of it do they. They have formed an opinion rightly or wrongly that hes not good enough now.
Some are questioning his availability. Not like everyone wants a workhorse.


Redcafe: “Why do Arsenal routinely getting hammered in big games”

“Weak players who rate themselves highly (see Ramsay, Ozil) who expect to be left alone to play their football and can’t understand not cope with pressure or pace.”


The time that some of us complained his salary and "work ethic’ and attitude, the truth tells us that we can’t even create something good, some scoring chances from our Ozil-less midfield.
Auba only had 13 touches in the whole game, must be Ozil’s fault.

People who want Ozil out, sounds like we had already found the hidden gem, another De Bruyne or Eriksen and ready to replace.

So sick of this.


No its not that. Theres been plenty of our Ozil backed midfield doesnt create chances. Couple this with the amount of injuries he picks up and its not unreasonable to suggest we need to go in a different direction.
5 1 loss without Ozil does not prove the case of why we must keep him. A 4 0 loss at the same ground with him last year did not prove that he should be sold.
Put the two results together though and you see we have major problems. That tells me we are in a lot of trouble and not one player should be considered safe and take it for granted they are part of our future.


I think I’m going to have to start looking for a new favourite player.

So, if I can’t have Ozil…what about…Ramsey?
Oh, no, he’s off as well.
What about Kos, he’s our captain… oh…I can’t have him, he’s always injured.
There must be someone good enough who has been here for a few seasons…surely?

Aubameyang it is then.
He’s been here a while.


Yes, I agree, we are in trouble (I don’t know how much).
This originally should be a problem for the whole team to responsible, including manager, scouts, management. Yet, for the past couple of months what I heard most was, Ozil.
Said it again, what I heard MOST.

Doesn’t matter you are 350k per week or just 50k, our problem is NOT the money figure, but the performance of the field. Ozil could not save the game for us yesterday, but quality is quality. We can see how average we were without him, we were so clueless in midfield.

Having quality player under-performing, which a deeper issue for me, is different from having lower quality player to under-perform.
Ozil did not live up to his standard enough is true, but I don’t agree to use his salary as a point for criticism.
Our team has enough players under-perform or being average week in and week out, and they don’t deserve their salary also, 10k or 50k, not matters.


Not sure I agree. Xhaka, Moose, and a few others have gotten more stick. Ozil is frustrating because we expect top performances from our star player. Atm the whole thing is a shambles and I reckon there is blame to go around aplenty re Ozil


Coulda defintely used his creativity yesterday. Would it have stopped us from being battered? Probably not, but he would have linked better with Auba than what Ramsey provided us yesterday.


If Mourinho/Wenger head to Italy for either of the Milano sides then I can definitely see them trying to get Ozil out of our hands. Despite retiring/(better yet, withdrawing his availability) from international football I do think he still has reasons to play. Ozil was the Alpha and Omega for Mourinho’s counter attack system at Madrid. Ozil’s relationship with Wenger doesn’t require an explanation. We’ll see.


I can’t see any Italian club covering anything near his wages. He’s hardly going to take either of them from 3rd/4th/5th to 1st.

If we truly don’t want him then we’re pretty fucked.


There’s a big resurgence in the Italian league. Milan and Inter have been slowly setting up a foundation but need a big stamp to challenge again. Players like Ozil and Fabregas can be vital setting up the tone for Wenger and Mourinho at their new clubs.

Just to clarify, Ozil ain’t getting 350k per week there. But if he’s willing to take a pay cut, they will pay him good nevertheless.


I’d play Ozil as CB. He won’t do worse than that clusterfeck in the back last Saturday.



Fulham may be a sneaky chance of nabbing something then, without Ozil’s creativity at home we do struggle substantially more than we do with him.


give over, fulham cannon fodder beating us at home…i know you are beyond negative but fucking hell. If we lose to them i will have a Justin Bieber Avatar for a full month.


Yeah I’ve gone for us to win as these games are normally our bread and butter.

Btw the analysis of my predictions over the last 5 years have found I’m not negative, results suggest I’m realistic and 75% of this forum predict with blind faith.


no you are not you are negative, you have us losing most matches even when we do well you find fault.