Mesut Özil (10)


I love Mesut too. I think he put one week salary’s worth into a new venture in my town of Amsterdam.


If that place is anything like our Mesut it’s probably amazing once every two months and gives you food poisoning every other time. :gabriel:


What Emery has at Arsenal that he didn’t have at PSG is an entirely gullible fan base that would make excuses for him THAT WOULD EMBARRASS ANY OTHER FORUM OR FANBASE IN THE WORLD


B-but Ozil can’t deliver…
I can only think of two players pulling that pass, Messi and Ozil. Stop the nonsense and allow our best player show his worth.


Even Henry Winter is praising him…


Those issues are so exaggerated. If they were actually a thing Ozil would never make it in the big leagues. This guy has excelled in three of the best leagues in the world as well as shining at an international level.


Yeah I agree. The tracking back might be a thing, but he has put in good performances (including scoring) against top opposition. He’s also carried us in matches where the rest of the team have taken a day off. But it’s cool to see him as a flat track bully. Take The Sun for example who have gone fishing with this…


The British obsession with visible effort is something that I’ll never really wrap my head around. I don’t know if it’s because the average person can more easily identify with “working hard” because they too can work hard but there’s no way they could have the vision or understanding of space that players like Pirlo or Henry had.



I cba even debating that kind of lazy point any more, because the evidence is blatantly there.

Call him inconsistent if you want, but if you want to say he’s a flat track bully, then I don’t think you’ve really been paying attention.


Ozil is just like Magic Johnson in NBA, Wayne Gretzky in NHL, Tom Brady in NFL… They all have vision and passing abilities that no one can have…

Ozil always have the qualities, just need to tell people that he “works” hard enough…
For some, if you don’t track back, you are lazy.


Never compare Ozil to the GOAT


Never compare him to Liam Brady or there is going too be real trouble.


They should never compare him to Greg Brady, the OG.


I think it’s just because the British generally just produce huff and puff players so it’s what they’re obsessed with.


I was just talking about the vision, passing abilities


Hypnotic :ozil2:


Pleased for Ozil today. Did well.

More of the same against Brighton and Liverpool, please


How is Ozil passing to someone that isn’t even in this fucking picture


Id be surprised if he will have the stamina too be able to play 3 games in that short a period after time he has missed.


Ozil is the nearest thing we have to Bergkamp the difference is Bergkamp was surrounded by similar quality players but until we got Aubameyang and Lacazette the players in attack alongside Ozil haven’t been anywhere near his level.

He is world class, if not a little inconsistent, and we want to keep players like him and get more of a similar quality, not replace as we have so often done before.