Mesut Özil (10)




Wow… that is crazy. Sounds pretty annoyed.


Let’s not forget Ramsey had two assists today.


For how good his footballing ability is, he definitely isn’t a leader nor a strong character. Telling how I didn’t even miss him in the derby.

Interesting to find out what is going on between Ozil and Emery.


What ever is going on I seriously hope it isn’t a breakdown between Ozil & Emery. Ozil is on a 350k a week contract for the next 2.5 years, we need him to be delivering quality performances for us.


Must be nice to have got a job where you earn 350k a week for doing feck all “because of back pain” or “a falling out with your boss” :smiley:


Makes as much sense as anything else


So we’ve got Gucci boy, and now Fortnite boy.


I find this all worrying developments. I like Ozil a lot and I would hate to see it if he goes out of the back door. I know Arsenal gave him rest during certain stretches of the season, but already in the beginning of December? We got 4 assists from Bellerin, 7 from Kolasinac/Monreal and 8 from Mkhitaryan/Iwobi (numbers from Our offensive game seems very width dependent and maybe that is to his detriment?



This back pain is recurring & concerning.
Not a good look for an athlete


I’m with you but it’s all elementary now since we ponied up and gave him 350K a week.


Must be the only profession in the world where you get paid big money and can have a falling out with your boss and just cash in your 300k a week sitting at home.


Ozil deal looking worse and worse as times goes by.


He’s just injured. Nothing more to it.


He won’t be in the squad tomorrow night based on what Unai has said. Yeah the deal is working out rather poorly for us ATM given he’s on double what our second highest earner is on. I’m not throwing the baby out with the bath water regarding Mesut just yet though.


Come on guys, just an injury, no need to speculate that much.


It’s not even about this particular injury for me. Since he got his deal his contribution hasn’t been worthy of the highest paid player by some distance. He’s has a few good moments here and there nothing major.

Going into the tough away United game, is there an outpour of grief that Ozil won’t be playing? Not really, what does that tell you?

Like Aussie said the jury is still out, I need to see more


How were the games when Ozil played this season so far?
I think those games were pretty darn good, especially the one(s) that he captained the team.

Yes, he missed some games and the team played well also, but is it a strong argument that we are better without him or he is “luxury” for us? Absolutely not.
It is great that the team is functioning good, with our without him. By looking at the assist chart, we can tell we have a balanced attacking unit and not relying individuals… can’t use this to deny the importance of him.

Do we want a Mesut Ozil standing by at the bench against United, if not starting??
Don’t kid me that we don’t want him or need him on our team.


I hoped he would kick on after the Leicester game but it has been disappointing.

Games like the Leicester one are worth persisting with him for.

I’m happy we are at a stage where we don’t look like moronic fucks every time he isn’t on the pitch at least.