Mesut Özil (10)


You mean his PR dude keeps track of what the haters say?


No doubt ozil is aware of the invincible jibes lol.

I bet an Arsenal player has lurked OA at one point



Does anybody even still watch that show lol


Sssh @Mysty will hear you. He lives his life by that show :smile:


I think he’s a man of taste so I assume he lives his life by series 2 to 9 :slightly_smiling_face:





I would respectfully disagree.

There are some stone cold classics in that series


Alright you got me there. Some classics in there no doubt.


I see where you’re coming from though, in the sense that I don’t think the show had really hit its stride then, and most of 3 to 9 are probably better seasons. But I think a lot of characters and character traits were established in season 2, so it is important in that sense. As well as being of high quality too.

I keep intending to actually sit down and watch all of those seasons in chronological order. I’m sure I must have seen every episode from that period but in the BBC 2 days you could only watch whatever they aired, no opportunities to stream or watch them in order if you missed one.


@JakeyBoy and @SRCJJ are correct , every Simpsons fan will tell peak Simpsons is the first 10 years of the show. The next 5 years after that are still pretty decent but not as a great. And then anything in the last 10 ish years are absolutely horrendous, almost like it’s a totally different show.

Anyone will tell you current Simpsons has been terrible for years and should’ve called time on the show a loooong time ago.

Anyways, nice for Meset I suppose. Maybe he’ll assist Homer at the Nuclear Power Plant and prevent any meltdowns :ozil:


Yea but they’re bullshitting mostly because they don’t watch it. Nor do I so I don’t know either way. :slight_smile:


My stand out favourite has to be Homer Goes to College

“Mr Simpson, our noses are bleeding”


Judging by some of the stuff (I refuse to call it music) @Mysty listens to, I wouldn’t be so sure of that…


I wouldn’t exactly brag about your taste in music, Lurleen Lumpkin :gunnersaurus:


Racket is the word I would use :wink:


Youd be wrong there Cal. @Luca_from_Italy tell him mate.


Some people just listen to shit. Should close you in a room with Heavy Metal breaking your fucking ears. That’s it.


I think 90% of this forum has shit taste in music :stuck_out_tongue:


Only an elite listen to good music :kos2: