Mesut Özil (10)


Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag. :smirk:


Happy birthday the assist king!



Feel like that stat is somewhat diminished by Payet being second though


Payet is class though. He’s the sole reason West Ham got their highest PL finish in years hah.


I think it’s a great stat. All those players have played in the top 5 leagues the majority of that time, and the time span backs up consistency. Mesut is still the best #1Ö in the world👏


He is just about the only #10 in the world too.


Where is the danish biscuit? :mustafi: @Cristo @LordBendtner


He’s had an inconsistent career but when it comes to the final third he’s very much on point.

Doesn’t surprise me to see him so high on the list at all.


That is true. Mind blown.

Well Ramsey is one.


Payet is class / was in Ligue 1 for a considerable amount of that time.


Mods ! Food insult alert !


Why? Danish biscuits are so tasty.


Don’t forget @Cristo :eyes:

Imagine liking Eriksen over the :crown: :wink:


I still don’t get why food insults. I’m Welsh and okay with being referred to as a Taffy - which is toffee in some parts of the world.


I never minded either, I don’t think anyone actually took offense. But it coincided with something more serious (can’t remember what) and the mods decided to get rid of it all. Probably half to not let things escalate further than they did and half because the joke-meme didn’t die it’s natural death.

In other news… (:stuck_out_tongue: ) We’re a forum that had to be reigned in because we were too liberal with our use of childish food based national stereotype insults. I absolutely love this place. :joy:


He has always said it, hasn’t he? He is danish after all :wink:


I finally got around to listening to this last week and it’s narrated by the author herself. I would highly recommend it and will probably listen to it again in the future. Thanks for the recommendation. :+1:




He’s been fantastic tonight.