Mesut Özil (10)


Could literally get a job with ESPN Brazil. :sunglasses:


Haha Ozil and Ramsey getting into the team based on who wants to leave less.


Sounds like bullshit. what sources do ESPN Brazil have here :arteta:

Does nobody remember the Jenny Lizarazo Benzema incident ffs?



ESPN Brazil?! lol


Emery was sked about it and said it’s a lie. Apparently though the stadium rumours suggest differently.
As someone said, we would’ve known earlier if the story was true.


It’s all bullshit




So ESPN Brazil put 2+2 together and made a story during the match. Fuckin hell. Proper cunts.


welcome to the internet


There was enough interest for Arsenal to feel the need to pay him 350k a week. Clubs would have contacted his agent saying how much they were willing to pay per week on a free.


I expect a professional athlete to fall ill lesser number of times than I have done.
Ozil has been ill more times in last 2 seasons than I have been in last 5.


I can’t imagine there being a “fight” between Emery and Ozil, but Ozils absences are becoming increasingly tiresome. He’s getting a free ride here.

Either f’ckin shape up or get out.


He’s a professional athlete and paid ridiculously. After a reasonably trouble free career, I’m not sure at the age of 28 he just decided he didn’t fancy the demands of the job anymore.

Maybe there’s actually something wrong with him medically.


Ozil being sick is a common thing as we know, and we can debate whether he’s fully committed or not, but where does this nonsense of a training ground bustup come from?

Do journos just make this shit up to create havoc? Even if you watched Emery’s press conference, they were asking him to diagnose his exact illness. What the fuck is that all about?


We missed him today. I still love you Mesut :heart:


Lazy overpaid overrated modern day player .
It’s about time Ozil stepped up to the obscene wages he is raping from our club and put in a season of graft and actually earned his wages.




Should have never came here.


This thread is so so funny…


If he is having back spasms those can be pretty debilitating.

NBCSN is currently talking about the alleged fight between Ozil and Emery. Neil Ashton says that we “know”:

  1. Ozil was subbed at Chelsea.
  2. He trained at the start of the week.
  3. He reported sick towards the end of the week.
  4. He was in the locker room yesterday but that all first team players are required to report to the locker room for home games even if they aren’t playing