Mesut Özil (10)


Yeah, let me know when you do it, and let me know Iwobi will be our next Saviour when he is.

You think it is easy to do that??? Suddenly he is a deadly shooter and scorer?


He really does need to start rassing off shots


Yup. Mix it up, keep goalies guessing.




I’m expecting a bug season from him. The conditions are ideal


I means it’s easy to lash shots from your laces but doing it successfully I dunno lol. Just switch it up I guess.


eh? :henry2:


Let’s see…
For a long time we haven’t seen a late bloomers and late matured footballer.
If you are not good in early ages, you probably won’t improve much later on.


Clear wizard rivalry


Mesut’s Instagram story haha what a fucking guy!! :fire:

He’s got this:

With Eminem guess who’s back playing over it.

POTY season incoming!!


How many times have we said this about a young arsenal player? :joy:


Yeah but he can’t be Wengered any more


Yeah. And now we have a manager who has no proper track record of developing youth players whatsoever.


Not at it today.


Why was he on the right on Ramsey in the middle?


Being out wide doesn’t suit him.

I’d rather see him in a 4-3-3 with Geundouzi and Torreria.

Play Ramsey out wide.


Not really Ozil’s fault, I was adamant how desperately we needed a winger all summer.


Özil with a ton of bad decisions today. It’s the first time I’ve watched and thought that maybe he’s started declining.


He was bad


Was doing some defensive stuff. Bit of Unai influence or a flash in the pan? He’s done it on occasion under Wenger too, so I guess we’ll see.