Mesut Özil (10)


That’s why I am disappointed.

This kind of shit comment not helping things a bit but just worsen the situation.

Okay, if nobody can talk about racism, and there is no racism, then please get it straight and tell me why they fucking failed in the WC.

Picking on someone in purpose, is just as bad as racism.


The last sentence translates more to “There can be no talk of racism in (this) sport and in the national team” which I think is a product of him 1) not being clear with his wording and 2) him seeing it in the context of what German media have written over the last few weeks which he does talk about as well.

Certainly not the most fortunate comment but also not as bad as some people (on the internet) make it out to be. I think it’s more him just being annoyed with the situation and the media attention it attracts than it’s him trying to cause a big reaction.

That being said I could be wrong on the details here. The whole thing doesn’t really translate well to English.


Whatever your view lets hope this whole thing allows him to focus on the footie next season. Pump those kinds of numbers assist wise and Pierre gonna lap them up. If mikki starts to fire as well then i can see him chipping in with goals more as well.


Here’s the German if you want to see


Just me who doesn’t see anything wrong with what Mueller said.


Yeah I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was getting at there was no direct “racism” stuff between Ozil and the players which I guess might have been the case.


Everything started from a brewery in Munich. You fucking know it, you fucking Muller.


Don’t think thats the issue. It’s the other bits

Bavarians at it again.


Germany are just cunts tbh


Yeah there is some fire here for the smoke… clearly people are going out of their way to paint Ozil a certain way… its too bad - everyone should just move on at this point. I am glad Ozil is focusing on the Arsenal - at least that is the silver lining to all this BS.


Beckenbauer seems like one of those over patroitic fucks


Bayern have closed ranks like an American police department after a shooting. Really disappointing to see them make such an absolute mess of this.



Back on the international duty with Turkey? :henry2:


Ironic because Turkey is one of the most racist places around. They treat African migrants like dirt out there


Is that Flamini?


Got any evidence of this?

Or just usual internet mumble jumble.


My friend was an expat journalist in Istanbul and while she loved the city and the people she did think there was an issue with race there.


Not sure what kind of definitive piece of evidence you’re looking for tbh

There lots of anecdotal accounts from travel/lifestyle bloggers of racist abuse and ignorance directed at people with black skin in metropolitan area on a regular basis.

It’s particularly bad for black Women out there because for most Turks their perception of black people is highly skewed and influenced by popular media. They like to fetishize certain parts of black woman’s body in the worst ways because of people like Nicki Minaj.

Specifically in the context exploitive practices in relation to football


There was nothing wrong of what he said in the video, but action speaks louder.
What the fuck they did, after the incident? Not supporting Ozil, fine, if they do believe there is no racism at all.
What about the insults/disrepsectful comments that Reinhard Grindel and Uli Hoeness said??
They can’t say something fair for Ozil as the best German footballer for consecutive years?

For me, racism is not only about race, color, sex… if you are picking on someone intentionally, that is also racism.