Mesut Özil (10)


That’s better. Shame you’re fucking off to Milan buddy, because you seek to have the right values. :santi:

Also Usman, sell the stake to this guy


Flamini is so loaded :slight_smile:


Is he? I wasnt sure if he has the money in the bank as yet i thought it was more of ‘if things go as hoped’ his shares will be worth a fortune.


Always good buddies!


Yea. That’s pretty accurate.

But I guess he’s loaded anyway as the most high profile multi Bosman player ever.


I disagree with him meeting the Turkish President, especially in such an overt PR stunt. However, the abuse shown towards him by some in Germany and the German media definitely highlight a growing issue over those who can’t accept that citizens may have more than one identity. This article below is pretty good in highlighting an issue that can be found in pretty much every European country:




The impudence :giroud2:


Terrible article tbh.

One thing that really annoys me about that Ozil situation the ‘am immigrant when we lose’ part is being way over sensationalised


This is how i think we can break into top four this season


I agree


class above


It really makes a difference when players can controle and pass a ball accurately in a blink of the eye. We need more of them players.


When Ozil plays with purpose, he can be head and shoulders above everyone on the pitch.

Dat turn at 1:06 :giroud2:


Majestic display yesterday. Looked very motivated as well.


Most Aryan hahaha :arteta:

Got to say, I appreciate the hustle by these Bayern frauds to shift the blame on Ozil, after every single one of the their players, to a man, had an absolute shocker at the world cup.

Neuer playing AM at the end Vs South Korea, allowing their second, Hummels missing gilt edges chances, Boateng playing RW, Kimmich playing CF, Rudy getting spun and you guys know the drill regarding Muller.

Whatever, we’ll see how these guys do in the CL :arteta:


That mug should have never been starting in the first place, I had a feeling some of Ozil’s team mates weren’t shit, wasn’t just DFB.

ter Stegen is coming for his spot.


Known him since his Schalke days, yet this clown gives this lousy response ,shouldn’t even been called up.


Let’s remember Hoeness is a tax dodger :hipster:


Who needs Dembouz when Brandtz is the king of the LW?