Mesut Özil (10)



Please don’t think I’m endorsing a dictator like Erdoğan (or any other politician for that matter)

Turkey is not necessarily more oppressive today, than it was before. What it is right now though, is that it’s less friendly towards the west, which is why western politicians now pretend to care about human rights abuses in Turkey.

I can respect the opinions of those who sincerely object to the picture because they do care about democracy and human rights, but most likely, they’re a minority.


It is such a tragedy when some fucking morons trying to put politics on sports.

The Germans did have a chance in the Russia WC, and because of these morons, the team divided, the country divided, an international career was destroyed and 4 years of preparation were wasted.


Ah yeah, I totally agree. That’s another part of it that’s funny, of course; as I said when the first picture that was taken, it’s more reprehensible to take a picture with Trump, but no one makes a big deal when that happens with an athlete.

Basically why I feel that it really doesn’t mater Özil’s motives behind it; he has to deny he has a political affiliation or that the photo represented some kind of endorsement of Erdogan (it did, obviously) to make the statement palatable in the politically correct west, but all that matters is the forceful takedown of the cunts who are so outspoken about him.

(didn’t mean to like your post @ronniec :grimacing:)


It has been 4 years, 10 months and 21 days and we are still waiting for that to happen.


One way or another we are waiting for his full impact on the team. Tutorial coming our way now @Gladiator.


Does the business year in year out no exceptions.

Touch, working out of pressure, choice of pass, creating openings, ball retention… does all those things well consistently every year. That’s his primary role.

He only lacks the physical burst, tough tackling (how many playmakers have that?) and the driven shot. He’s always been focused on making the percentage pass and being available in the pocket over all those things.

If you want a brute force goalscoring attacking mid then you have to bring in someone else. He’s never been that and has never had to be. Very few of those types bring the benefits in possession that Özil does.


All his teammates showing their complete lack of bollocks in backing up their mate.

Disgrace, Ozil is so right to quit. All of them with ‘abi’ this and ‘bro’ that, but not actually addressing the reason why he quit.

Many coloured players like Boateng and Sane dancing around it too, I guess making sure they get selected…

Whatever. Really disappointed in the Arsenal players also not acknowledging it either to my knowledge. (Apart from Hector)


At least Evra is on his side… #Beapanda


Bellerin done yesterday :wink:


Or maybe they just don’t agree with him.


Or that, yes


It shouldn’t be; I find that if you aren’t perceived as less than, the arbiters of what’s moral and just don’t assign racism and prejudice for white people.


Be a panda :joy:

White black Asian haha


Why should any Arsenal players have to give public statements of support? They work with Ozil everyday, private support should be enough.

I’m pretty sure Boateng would speak out considering the racism he and brother have faced. It’s not really his place to interject publicly, seems like the situation caught alot of players off guard. Don’t think the prospect of not being selected is a fear considering the public reaction from the Ozil statements, unlikely they would not be selected for statements of support imo

It’s obviously a sensitive situation, I don’t see why anybody other than Ozil or the DFB have to give public statements.

The players I really want to hear from is Can and in particular Gundogan to see if other players were subject anti Turkish sentiment form DFB officials during the WC.


Sneaky Sanè waiting for his chance now. Vulture.


Why is everything a conspiracy? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes Flam!


That is one of the weirdest tweets I’ve ever seen lol