Mesut Özil (10)


:joy: for real? are they DFB officials?

If so, that’s a major hypocrisy displayed right there.
I would say Putin is worse than any dictator out there (bar Nicolás Maduro).


That’s Matthaus who has a role with the DFB, whose hypocrisy Ozil points out in his statement.


Lol is that Schmeichel I see there peeping in the background?

@Cristo now what brother :bellerin: do we grab the pitchforks and meet by the tree? :henry2:


My fucking club :heart:


Every club out there can claim it. What’s so special about it?


The DFB’s statement:



The mandem legit ready to bare arms for Özil :arteta:


I think the best way for Mesut to put all this behind him is by having a blinder of a season with Arsenal. Show his detractors how good he really is and put them in their places.


Right, so what do you think should happen now then with Matthaeus?


I agree with your post SD.

However, how is calling someone a goatfucker racist? (Genuine question, not being obtuse)


Sounds like @DavidHillier is the type who thinks real men never cry and etc. Such an antiquated way of looking at things.


Read my posts. Don’t just pass judgement


:heart:Mesut :heart:

Fuck DFB


It’s a racial stereotype given to Arabs and Muslims.


Dunno but I’d personally hold off on calling him a goatfucker and blaming only him for Germany’s horrible team spirit and preparation for this WC.


But, Lothar might be one. :thinking:


Just a few comments on this:

1/ Ozil did mentioned that Jogi Low and Bierhoff back up him. It is not the whole DFB against Ozil, just the president and few.

2/ what Bierhoff said previously (should not pick Ozil) was nothing wrong. He said it as the manager of the team, and he should put the benefit of the team ahead of individual. It was a bit hindsight of him, but he said nothing wrong.

3/ Hoeness is just shit, shit human being. What he said was just shit and I truly believe a lot of the Bayern players don’t think like that.

4/ I have said this before, and Ozil answered his own questions on why Poldi (and Klose) were not treated as German-Polish but himself is treated as German-Turkish. Poldi was outspoken in many times, saying that he was proud to be a German (Kolsche Jung).

5/ Ozil’s “answer by silence” approach was wrong. I know it sounds stupid, but it is true that, some people need you to “say it out”.
In many times actions speaks louder than words but in some situations it is vice versa.

6/ I don’t know why Ozil compare himself to Matthaus’s handshake with Putin.
Matthaus was the captain of the winning team, and a legend. Most importantly, he is retired.

For all other speculations, I don’t want to comment because they are just speculations.


I looked at the replies from one of Matthaeus’ latest tweets. There was one in Turkish that called him a racist and said he’d get spit on if he ever went to some place in Turkey.

Matthaeus’ comments:

In his column for German daily BILD, he said: "What displeases me is his body language is negative.

"I often have the feeling that on the pitch Ozil doesn’t feel comfortable in the DFB jersey, is not free - almost as if he does not want to play.

"There is no heart, no joy, no passion. After the latest impression, it is not excluded for me that he withdraws from the national team after the World Cup.

"For a year or two, Ozil has played at a level that does not justify the free ticket of Jogi Low.

“If things go well then Ozil plays well too. If things are going badly, he won’t perform well.”


I agree with all your points bar point 6.
Why should being captain of the winning team exempt you from doing something, that got another player criticized.

And it’s not like Ozil is not a world cup winner.