Mesut Özil (10)


Mesuuuuuttttt :heart_eyes:


But he doesn’t care!!! Fuck the haters Mesut Özil is a god amongst men


Great news! Expect him to be very motivated next season, even to put the WC behind him.


Cracking PR that


I agree.
A player that has recently been made the highest paid player at a top European club, who has been accused by some supporters of being lazy, then goes to the World Cup with one of the favourites to win it and is then made one of the scapegoats for their poor performances, decides to come back off holiday to join his team mates for a bit of pre season training.

As much as I think Ozil is our best player, this sounds like his PR people have been reading what a lot of the media have been saying about him, and this is what they have come up with.


Some cynical bastards itt. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But seriously, looking forward to seeing him link up with Auba over the course of a season. Good chance for Ozil to set the assist record.


Breaking News - a well paid employee comes to work


Yeah he’s already had 8 weeks off work, the lazy fucker.


Imagine earning 200k a week to do something you love and then getting your PR people to brag about only having a few weeks holiday to come back to a bit of training.

I don’t know how these players cope with such a demanding job.

Pushing a wheel barrow home with 200k in it every week would be enough exercise for most people.


Well we’ve got an international break followed by Newcastle away at the start of September so I guess it’s easy to come back early when you know you have another 3 weeks off coming up.


He can always get back pain and go to a beach.


I cant believe what im reading in here. One of the most talented players in the world and you are treating him like a 2 day old Døner kebab you forgot to eat after te night out.


Shocking isn’t it. Respect your king ffs!


Ozil isn’t playing for Germany anymore, is he?


Course he has




The last paragraph is essentially a fuck you to all the critics, that’s my #10.

His ghostwriter earned their wage today.


That’s how you respond.


Wont change anybodys opinion either way tbh. Waste of time but its not Ozil writing it, so who cares.


He is right meeting someone is not endorsing they politics. If that was the case Hilary and trump are one in the same since he has donated to her in the osssed and socialused together. This whole is a storm in the tea cup