Mesut Özil (10)


They’re unproven together but I’m going to throw this out there…

I think we have the best 9/10 combo in the country.


really great if it is true that he’s signed a new contract, hope it is because that would be amazing


It is absolutely true, these aren’t rumours


No fucking way we spend 55m pounds on a player and that player doesn’t demand a substantial wage increase.


What fucking fantastic news to wake up to. Now these are the actions of a real man, not running away from his problems, he’s committed to the club and focused on making things right. MESUT IS A GOONER NA NA NAAAA!!!


Especially one that is leaving to cash in, Balague isn’t even attempting to sound legit.

Utter hack.


Ozil has committed, which was incredible news to wake up to.

I look forward to seeing more talent coming in around him. This January window for Arsenal is one of its better windows that I can remember (including summer ones).

Priority has to be getting a top flight DM and another CB/goalie at this point. Get that sorted and Arsenal can have a very good team.


Good news for us. Not much better than Mata
All semblance of ambition is now gone. We were right to avoid
Told you he wasn’t coming. No ambition.



Man United fans are funny


I would argue his ambition is greater. How much ambition does it take to join a team that buys up all the good talent? None. Being loyal to Arsenal after the club assuring you we are going to compete, is a much better trait to have imo.


Can’t wait till the media now turn on him again now that it looks like he’s not leaving



Sounds exactly like my United mates. The same ones who were frothing at the gash at the thought of Ozil joining them.

Im sticking it to them so badly today.


Ain’t this the truth. He’ll go from being undisputed world class to a shirker and a fraud in no time


“Motivated by money”

United fans really are fucking deluded.


This really is like a new signing.

The best of this transfer window.

Who ever Wenger’s puppet master is, they can pull his strings as much as they like :grinning:


They. Are. Fewming!

Problem with Twitter is that it never forgets




Who gives a fuck! Madness>>>games. The league has gone.