Mesut Özil (10)


Ahah! Fuck off chilean prat.


If @Mysty could make a quick appearance, that would be great.
Miss you buddy.


OZIL signed?



Redcafe had an 81 page thread on him :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Drag them @Luca_from_Italy


Hate to say it but this was a real coup from Wenger. Can’t deny he still attracts top talent


That’s what they are going for. Hope.

Next season will not be significantly different from the past 5-6 with Wenger at the top.


Can only post 5 per day, as they think i was spamming too much :rofl:


If all 5 of those aren’t ripping them over this I will ban you from MDC again





“Ozil is the new Theo Walcott. Happy to coast at Arsenal.”

“Good news for us. Not much better than Mata”

“Glad about this. He goes missing far too often”

“All semblance of ambition is now gone. We were right to avoid.”

“Ozil is just as deluded as Wenger.”


Suffice to say that Ozil extending plus Mhki and Auba in whilst shifting dead wood including Walcott and player who doesn’t want to be here in Sanchez is an unmitigated success of a window from the club.



Lol! Thread closed now. They just can’t take it! :rofl:


Brilliant :laughing:


Bet they’re raging haha the cunts!!!

New manager needed now, to get the most out of him.

The Madness Window 2. Proof that sequels can be better.


31 January 2018 has to go down as one of the greatest in our history.

Imagine hating January. Legendary month. :heart_eyes:


Ballbag can’t help himself


We did just lose to Swansea


Yes but that wasn’t on 31 January was it :wink:

January is legend for the madness who cares about how shit we’ve been in the actual football games!!

I’m all about transfers now


He’s such an attention whore.

Fuck off Guillem.


M8 we lose to Swansea all the time what else is new.

We don’t do MADNESS all the time tho.

@Burgundy @Darkseid leave Guilliem alone, he’d probably get whipped next time he is in Abu Dhabi if he doesn’t spout that shite.