Mesut Özil (10)


1.feeling or showing confidence in oneself; self-assured.

What i took Wengers comment to mean was that just like the definition of confidence Wenger is assured in his relationship with Özil. One of the big reasons Özil came here is because of Wenger and I’m sure their relationship is great, no signs of anything otherwise. What Wenger can’t control is outside shit. Like Özil being railroaded in the media and scapegoated by fans.

Going further with the interview analogy, you can tell someone “I had a great interview, I crushed it I’m confident I’ll get the job”, and in the same breath throw in “but you never know.” I’ve been passed up for lesser candidates because of many factors out of my control. I was the best candidate, was prepared, had a lot of experience but the company went with the manager’s cousin just because.


Pretty much this… our wage structure is f*d and has been for a long time. Only reason we get players like Ozil and Sanchez these days is b/c we pounce opportunistically on a player who is no longer wanted by a top club.

One can argue about Theo in reasonable ways (I realize I am not objective about him), but saying it is reasonable for him to be earning so close to our top earners is silly.


Poor choice of words lol but I think I get what he is saying - basically he is confident but is not in the prediction game. I do not believe him when he says he is confident though… and - there is confidence borne out of “odds are in my favor” (like 51/49) vs. “this is looking really good” (90/95:10/5)

Just awkward the way he says it in a non sequitur sort of way.


People are wondering if Arsenal started this thread on Özil’s best goals for arsenal to announce a contract extension…

Imagine the scenes


They stopped an hour ago. It’s probably because he scored a belter yesterday.


If Wenger really is confident about Ozil staying, then why not keep quiet?
All he is doing is winding up the supporters, and then if he doesn’t sign they will feel even more let down.

Most of us know not to believe a word that comes out of Wenger’s mouth but if he insists on spouting this rubbish then he deserves all the criticism he gets when it goes wrong.


or maybe the contract is already signed and that is why he is confident.


Confident was simply a poor choice of words from the manager, he should have said he was hopeful that Ozil will stay. Confident would mean you are 70% or above in your opinion something is going to happen, if he’s 70% sure Ozil will stay he’s even more deluded than I thought.


I can’t believe there hasn’t been any analysis of whether he smiled or not yet.


Peak banter era stuff that. :joy:


But why keep it a secret?
Or is he going to be our “like a new signing,” in the transfer window?


To be fair this is the one time a player signing a new contract is going to feel like a new signing lol


New contract=Christmas gif? :giroud:


The question had the word ‘confident’
“are you confident…”


I dunno I think 63.25% would be a more appropriate measure of confidence.


Then the answer simply should have been no, we have been in contract negotiations with him for about 18 months now it seems, he still hasn’t signed…


Yes, that should help the cause.


The fact neither Ozil or Sanchez have signed new contracts means they were waiting to see what Wenger would do in the transfer market and how we would do as a team, and if our ambitions matched theirs.

As our transfer dealings are useless and we are out of the CL, as well as our only ambitions are to make a profit, it means they are going elsewhere.

Why would they stay?
They could earn more money, at a more ambitious club, with a better manager and win some trophies, as well as playing with players who are a similar standard as they are.


Lol, again why should that be the answer when you have absolutely no clue about what their private conversations have been. For all we know the negotiations could be hung up because of the money on offer, and Ozil may have told the club he prefers to stay he just wants astronomical wages. Ozil might be asking for 300k per week we might be hesitant but this is business. As an agent and player you ask for the moon, of course as a club you can’t just give him the astronomical figure they ask for you have to counter and find the sweet spot, why is this hard to understand?


They are in the ideal position.
Ozil has what we want and he and his agent know we are desperate.
He will be our only top quality player and he could walk into any other top club he wants and we won’t get any money in return.

I don’t think he’ll stay, unless his ambitions are as low as Wenger’s, but if he does, we will have to maker him one of the highest paid players in Europe, which is what he deserves but which we have failed to realise until it has got to his contract running out.

Apart from money, which he could get elsewhere, what is his incentive to stay?