Mesut Özil (10)


Good game, usual Ozil, never doubt his ability.
I only doubt his commitment and consistency.




Need him to do it against the likes of Shitty and Tottenumb next month.


Not just him, the whole team who on many occassions fail to get off the coach against big teams.


Maybe they’re not Wenger’s type



This is KDBs best season ever? I doubt statistically.


What are this chances that I am unable to see?
I don’t recall 30 chances albeit I haven’t seen all the matches.


Well he created about 8 in 1 game vs Everton for a start.


Gonna be interesting next week. Hopefully Ozil doesn’t disappear like he often does against a big team.


How many times do we have to do this… he has scored or assisted in games against:

Bayern, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham, Leicester (title winning season)…

The team has been diabolical away from home and the sooner people stop making Ozil the scapegoat for our away troubles - the better. We have a terrible record against big teams away and very few of our players have come out of any of those fixtures with even a shred of credibility.



I saw that this morning, then noticed this afternoon that they backtracked on that title

Where Mesut Ozil matches Kevin de Bruyne and other Premier League statistics



They are both wonderful players. If I could swap, I would but I love Ozil. What is more silly is that people rate Theo over kdb


Yes it’s a very popular opinion, I’m on board with all those people tbh.


I think if Ozil was at Man City, his stats could match De Bruyne’s, because De Bruyne has the luxury of playing in a midfield and attack stacked with other world class players which is a lot easier than playing with Ramsey, Iwobi, Giroud, Xhaka, Welbeck, etc.

World class players thrive in a team with similar standard players, so Ozil isn’t going to do that here.
He is class in a sea of mediocrity.


You guys talk stuff which is obvious.
Put Ozil in a flourishing team and he will do his bit. No denying that.

Provide Ozil with mediocrity and we won’t get the best out of him. Agree.

It is his sulking nature, lack of effort, cowardly ways of dealing with physical side of game which gets him the criticism that he does.



Can’t defend him any more. Can’t just blame this all on Wenger. Özil has been a big disappointment.


:eyes: didn’t notice he was playing till he lost his temper in the last minute and went into Delph.

Him and Sanchez poor today Sanchez worser tho