Mesut Özil (10)


yes, every Arsenal fan can make a comment :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I hope start publishing Luca’s opinion on the goings on at Arsenal for fairness. After all nothing wrong with fans giving opinions.


Beat me to it, pretty much laid that on a plate there @Calum


Cross is claiming he’s telling teammates he’s going to United.


I’m devastated :cry:


@ronniec we aren’t selling him as he’s out of contract he can go where he likes it’s not up to us



How shit that would be.
Ozil leaving is a disaster, leaving for United is far worse.

Wenger should resign immediately.
Selling RVP to United was not enough and now Ozil? And they sold us Danny FUCKING Welbeck only???


These stories are ridiculous. As if he just went into training one day and told his team mates he is signing for United - who does that?! Very professional like. And then he gave John Cross a call to let him know too.


Yeah, you are right.
I thought we were selling him in January?

Anyway, still fuck…


:thinking: Keown has been going out of his way to criticise Ozil recently, even after games he’s not played in.


Cross has very good access to the club and probably some players. I just doubt that Özil would be telling his team mates this at least three months before any move could potentially happen.


He is leaving, but i don’t think he would say that to his teammates.


Cross is probably trying to guess the location, Ozil has already said he wants to stay in England.


You think, that if he made his decision (which is likely, like @Craigie pointed out three players or so already extended with us) he wouldn’t tell for months?


Unless David Silva leaves Man City seems unlikely. I don’t think Chelsea is in the running either. Manchester is where it’s at at the moment.


Will be sick to my stomach if he plays for Manure. What a fucking disaster


We got Wilshere tho, he’s an upgrade on Özil.


I don’t really care where Ozil or Alexis go, probably because I know they won’t go to any of our direct rivals for sure. And in the recent weeks, we don’t seem to have done any worse without them than with them, so really, couldn’t care less, unless of course, they decide to join Spurs or Liverpool, which I don’t see happening.

So I say, let’s get rid of them and see some youngsters given a chance in the first team.


The story says he has been going round telling his team mates, which yes I think is very unlikely. You might chat to your agent about it, maybe a family member but you wouldn’t just walk around telling people willy nilly. It’s disrespectful and unprofessional.


I don’t think it’s that disrespectful. It’s pretty obvious his next club isn’t going to be Arsenal so from that point who really cares? If you spent 4 years at a company then made it pretty clear you were leaving in June it’s probably more disrespectful to pretend to your friends for months that you don’t know what you’re doing if you do.

I really doubt he’d go around saying haha I’m going to win the league at United and you suckers will be stuck here holding your dicks. If he’s asked he could just say something like I think United and Inter are the most interested but I’m not sure where I’ll be.


Yeah but that’s not what the story is saying. It’s saying he is going round telling people that he is going to play for United.

Look at Kolasinac. He decided he wasn’t going to renew his contract and that was then made public followed by his decision to join Arsenal. What this Mirror story is suggesting is not really how it’s done. He’s not even allowed to talk to English clubs yet!

Besides, it’s only October and we could still sell him elsewhere in January. Add that to the fact that I don’t think United need or want him and are not allowed to discuss a deal with him until the end of the season anyway, then it leads me to the conclusion that this story is a load of crap.