Membership Numbers

With the upgraded site, have we seen an increase in membership numbers, active member number etc?


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No one was keeping stats on active members. We definitely get more posts but I don’t have the stats to back that up either. :slight_smile:

We’re doing really well compared to the old side. Especially mobile and tablet usage has massively increased. We’re posting more than we did on vbulletin.

Not sure about the members, I think we’re doing alright in that department.

It’s no surprise that posting has picked up, most people access social media, which is essentially what this site has always been, even before social media was a thing, on phones and tablets. This site is immeasurably better for doing that than the old vbulletin setup.

So far, we haven’t had many new members who have actually posted, which is a bit of a shame, as that was one of our aims was to get more newbies here. But what the move has done is increased posting activity by quite a bit. Also we’ve seen quite a decent number of old school members return, who had disappeared for a long while. And because the new site is much more mobile friendly, ease of access to the site has greatly benefitted us and therefore compared to 12 months ago, the place is feeling busier. To me it’s felt like the new Forum has given a real lease of life.

Obviously there’s even more we could do to generate even larger numbers, but considering we had to start from scratch again, I think we’re doing pretty well atm :slight_smile:


The fact its so mobile friendly is brilliant. Probably spent 80% of my time on OA through my phone now as I have no need to go my laptop.

This upgrade is the best thing OA could have done :+1::clap:

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