Max Meyer


Sven starting his summer madness early! :giroud3:


He reminds me of Insigne. He is a winger, right?


CM according to the article


Don’t look so from that clip. So he would replace Xhaka?


There’s no rumours this is going to happen is there?


Apparently he’s been playing a DM this season and being good at it.

Can’t tell you more because as someone who appreciates his own mental health I avoid watching Schalke


Not for January talking about the summer


@Persona, what do you think?


There were only tenuous links today from Bild so I don’t want to get my hopes up

But, my madness senses are tingling. Sven, do us another solid pls.


Charles Watt from football London said on Fridays arsecast that Arsenal are really interested in Mayer and want him signed



Is he a free agent? Forgot


Yep. He apparently, according to BILD, offered himself to Southampton for a £10m sign on bonus but they refused.