Max Aarons

Sounds like Buendia and Aarons may still be playing together next season.

Isn’t this dood injured all the time? Lmao great move for us :grin::+1:

He’s played 87 games over the last two seasons lol

This dude has almost zero end product.

Did you confuse him with Lamptey?

I wouldn’t say zero but it definitely needs work.
I’ve said it many times but he is a younger British version of Hector.

Two goals and two assists in 45 games this season in which Norwich tore up the Championship and 1 assist in 36 games last season in the PL

That’s incredibly underwhelming, don’t disagree with your comparison to Bellerin, however, that’s a reason not to sign him IMO

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Tbf, Norwich create and miss lots of chances.
He will offer something different than Cedric and Chambers but he is not really an upgrade. It’s moreso freshening up the position with someone with more upside.
But yeah, Aarons is more or less settling for what’s available.

I know, you may think it’s a rando but this guy is from The Beautiful Game Podcast, they have good connections with young English talent and have revealed stuff before.
Reckon we hear more about the RB position next week.

No Bertrand, no Max, maybe a new contract for Bellerin? :henry2:

Arteta flexing that form since Christmas to Stan only to backfire on him not needing investment to compete. :joy:

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