Matthijs de Ligt


He’s won Golden Boy 2018. We’re one of the 15 elite clubs linked with him. I DESPERATELY want us to sign him. He is sensational, world-class. For someone who is just 19.

I really hope we stand a chance.


Where is the YouTube video? That’s sacrosanct.


Added :arteta: but really you shouldn’t need it!


Guy is a baller on FIFA. He’s one my three CB’s along with Koulbally and Kempembe


To good to be true, he’s already to well known for us to sign him.


He literally had multiple options to choose from right now, not sure we’re the most endearing for him. Aside from that, I’d absolutely love him here. Total dream signing.


I do like the idea of investing big money in a top quality CB or a younger player with huge potential - just like City have done with John Stones and Aymeric Laporte. However, there is no way we would get this guy…only chance is a CL spot for next season and a big money offer in the summer, but big clubs will line up for this guy.

Too late. We need to poach these guys before they reach stratospheric realm of prospects… will go for giant money


Will go for Van Dijk money. But, whichever club spends it is set for the next years with a very solid and future great CB.

Frenkie de Jong another great Ajax prospect.

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Imagine Liverpool going for De Ligt. Van Dijk & De Ligt :facepalm:

Good for Dutch NT football. Not so good for Arsenal’s aspirations of winning the league anytime soon. :gunnersaurus:

Ajax should really keep their young prospects, they’d be competing for major trophies in no time, while dominating the Eredevise.

They’re already stacked with great defenders and have got the best defence in the PL.
They should let smaller clubs with rubbish defenders and no defensive organisation have a chance to get some good young players.
Like us for instance :grinning:

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This is like the Dembele hype all over again.

No way we bag this diamond…y’all can dream though.

Screw it, I’ll dream along with you.

Indeed. They have already gone toe to toe with Bayern in their group. The problem is the financial department.

So rumours of Man City putting in a bid is it ? Summer or January ?

Summer move

Man City have defenders sitting on the bench that would walk into our first team and they are still buying up the best young talent.

If Kompany is the player to make way for de Ligt perhaps he might want to come here to top up his retirement pension.
He would be a lot better than any of our defenders.

Imagine having Stones, Laporte, Otamendi, De Ligt, Kompany as your CB options lol.


That’s like a FIFA career game after 3 or 4 seasons when you signed them all on a free