Matt Turner

Forest apparently like Arsenal have two #1s

Yeah noticed this on Sunday, thought I’d chosen the wrong goalkeeper for FPL but then saw he hadn’t even played.

No wonder after this tbh

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So that’s ex Arsenal GK’s Turner, Leno and Martinez as well as Raya all being talked about because of poor performances and possibly being dropped, so Ramsdale is probably loving this. :grinning:

Came in as number one has had shaky moments qne has rightly been dropped.

This guy is so shit btw. Dude had no clue Toney is FK specialist. Set the wall so bad, Yates had to ask him again to be sure and he said the wall was fine, lmao.

Some of the shots we took, and from where we took them…

We gave this man a career lol

He’s like a competition winner playing in goal for a premier league team

thanks brev

Holding and Turner out is as good as a new signing. Awful keeper.


We managed to significantly upgrade on him by signing Raya for only 10-15m.

Isn’t Raya 27m plus a loan fee? I think we got 7m for Turner. Ramsdale being sold will cover the cost, but he’s better than both.

Then we have fo buy a Ramsdale replacement. We haven’t done well out of this.

Depends how much we get for Ramsdale if we actually sell him and then how much the replacement costs.

Freebie…Runarsson :arteta4: