Matt Turner

Created a thread, this one seems legit.

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The yanks have a steady rep with goalkeepers through the years so hopefully this guy turns out to be a reliable backup

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He is the number two keeper for the USA, but only because the coach likes Steffen’s supposed ball playing abilities better.

Turner is by far the better shot stopper. I have doubts about whether he can get his ball playing skills to a Ramsdale level but this move would expose him to a higher level even in training.

But what about Runarrson :pepe1:

Looks quite a good shot stopper

I assume Leno stays put then.

Until summer, yeah. We need to move him on though otherwise another free transfer.

looks a good shot stopper in the youtube compilations, wonder how well he will do here.

He’s definitely the better shot stopper out of the two USA keepers.

The USA Coach was very high on Steffen despite the fact he never plays meaningful matches for City because of his distribution and the obsession of turning the USA national team into Diet Manchester City.

If Turner works on his distribution, there’s no reason he can’t grab that number one spot.

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Just see yank keeper and think escape to victory.


€10m for an MLS player!?!


Nah he will go on loan a couple times then leave on a free or we will terminate. Gotta be loaned out a bunch of times first tho.

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Is this another one of those “shop him around Europe as an arsenal player to do someone a favour” or is he actually any good?

He is an excellent shot stopper but not all that great with distribution. Similar profile to Leno really.

I think he’ll be fine as a backup keeper for a couple years until hopefully one of our academy keepers can push him out.

He made the equivalent of around £6k per week in MLS so I assume we’re getting him for dirt cheap in terms of wages. If we can flip Leno for a slightly higher transfer fee than we’re paying for Turner, then pay Turner 20k per week for the next couple years instead of paying Leno 100k per week, it seems like a good exchange.


Fair, I’ll take that