Matt Smith



He should have waited to cop one off camera like Cedric.

Did he even play a game :thinking:

Looks like a rather large twelve year old that’s won a competition to join the Arsenal squad for a day.

I swear I literally have never seen this guy before in my life lol


Looks like he can pass

Why do people call him ESR?

Why do people call Matt Smith ESR?

your thinking of Emile smith rowe

On serious note, he does play similarly to Smith-Rowe. Apparently teams are already looking at taking him(Matt) on a loan.

was actually so confused why this random kid was in the trophy celebration, has he ever actually played a first team match for us or been on as a sub? and why did he get a winners medal? I really don’t like him

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Everyone on the bench gets a winners medal haha. He’s only for there to fill up space because Özil and Guendouzi are being cunts

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It looked like they run out of medals though, so did people who shouldn’t have one take one anyway?

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I’m sure I read the club who wins it asks for more that’s just the standard box they put out.

Agree he should have waited for his later instead of taking some first teamers one :joy::joy:

The FA Cup hero has gone on loan

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most likely will steal a trophy medal at swindon as well, if they get promoted

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They’re all going, one by one. Good, under the current circumstances these guys should get a lot of games and potentially raise their value. Summer 2021 should be interesting. If football sides are in a better financial situation we may see some cash coming in.

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Fuck off, I was expecting a video of the goal. Why didn’t they make that a GIF lol?

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English Özil.

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