Mathieu Debuchy


is that the M Villa we were after years ago?


The clearout has been awesome


Good luck, then.


Any more wood for the fire?

Today has been the day that just keeps giving!




“Even if I had some difficult moments.” Aww :cry:

We were too mean to him.


Don’t care, off you fuck m8


Heartless :roll_eyes:


There isn’t enough space in my heart to care about every failed player we’ve had in the last ten years sorry


He’ll remember it. Not fondly, but he’ll remember it.


Good boy. Was good when he first joined. The injuried fucked him up.


These endless Twatter goodbyes seem to be a fairly recent phenomenon, I don’t remember them a few years back. But then I don’t actually use it


Scored again to level it for St Ettiene vs Lyon in the 90th minute. The curse of Wenger has officially been lifted.


I wanted him to stay… A proper right back.



Arnautović fucked over his career for a good while, he was looking very good initially.

It’s a shame things ended up the way they did, nice to see him kicking on.


Should have bit the bullet and fucked off sooner. He’s proven he has something to offer but wasted at least a year of his career before doing so.


that injury was so unfortunate.


Ah, one of many deadwood we struggled to shift over the years. I seriously hope now under Emery we see less of these signings and not kept on high wages either…


Well the signing wasn’t wrong at all at the time. who could have known he would be injured? He was a starter for France whilst Sagna was the backup. I hope Emery gets rid of these players if they become deadwood quicker than Wenger did though.