Matchday Chat

We will be testing out our new Match Day Chat this Friday for the Lens vs Arsenal Pre-Season friendly game.

About 30 minutes before the game starts (7pm GMT) you will notice an icon next to the search icon on the main forum page, if you click it, this will open up a chat box for you to type in. The chat works best on desktop, although most android phones and tablets are usable. The only issue we are experiencing is with IOS on IPhones.

The other thing worth noting is that only your avatar is displayed next to your message,you can hover over the avatar and it will show the username attributed to the avatar.

Please bare in mind this is work in progress, we value your feedback so please post here with your comments after the game.



MDC is now open :slight_smile: Click the football icon to open the chat window.

Nothing happening :-/

Same. Nothing happens.

Trying on my phone (Android) and no response. Just showing the icon on a grey background when I click on it.

Try now lads.


Still not working for me. A direct link perhaps?

Tried signing out and back in. Tried CTRL +F5. No dice.

Made a new one. Don’t know if it’ll make any difference…

Not working for me guys

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I’m stumpted tbh. I just don’t know what to do to get this to work. It should be really simple, but nothings seems to activiate.

That’s alright.
You need us to clear cookies or try different browsers or something to help troubleshoot?

I don’t think so. We had this issue when we tried to allow Mods to take part in the chat with Admins and nothing happened lol.

I can’t find any other Admins/Mods about right now who might be able to fix it because I don’t know what else to do. @Bl1nk is playing tenns right now :tennis:

Nothing for me.

So none of you get this?

Really don’t know guys, sorry.

Perhaps normal users aren’t privileged to see the box if you had the same sort of issue with mods not being able to see it?

If it’s working for you as admin is could be user based.

Shouldn’t be though because in the chat, you can hover over what permissions are set for who can see the chat and it’s set to every user level :gunnersaurus:

Just don’t understand. Good job this isn’t the opening day of the season lol.

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Is there an ‘add user’ option?