Martin Ødegaard (c) (8)


Can’t lie, I thought Madrid were sending us their flops after that scrub Dani Ceballos came and spun in circles for two seasons.

Delighted to be wrong.


Who could forget…



I’m not sure what’s worse about Ceballos, his mistakes or that his game was so bland.

Washing machine with an energy efficiency rating of G


If you think Dani Ceballos was bad, what do you think about Denis Suarez :arteta:

Ohh yeah, he was a Barca player, but you get the point :bellend:

Had high hopes for both :grimacing:

Going back to Odegaard, I think Arteta deserves huge credit for what Odegaard is today. Even at his worst he never doubted him for a second and kept pushing him in the starting XI. He was obviously able to see more than we could.
I was a fan of Odegaard since the loan, and had high hopes, but I massively doubted him at the start of his first full season here (after signing), and all that after a pretty shy/mediocre loan spell.

This was just before he signed, that summer after the loan. (3 years after this crap he’s maybe the best midfielder in the league atm lol)

His body changed, the posture. He’s just much more prone to taking people on nowadays and stays closer to the ground to keep good balance. Unlike at that time, when he played much more conservative and had a more upright posture. Was just more about keeping the ball and moving it on.



You could see why some people were skeptical about Odegaard because this was third loan transfer and the previous two were Suarez and Ceballos

Yeah but Arteta once again saw something no one else did…

Still a bad reason.

You could give up on transfers too because you had a few bad ones.

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Didn’t deserve what the rest of the lads put out today.

He was the only one that showed title credentials. Everyone else just flopped hard, limp dick everwhere.

True captain’s performance from him today, despite the loss.


Tbh, he was as shit as everyone else in the second half.

However, he was unbelievable in the first half. Honestly we should have been 3-0 and he would have been responsible for every single goal.

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Apparently taken off because he felt something. Great.

Lionel Andres Odegaard.

Jesus wept, first clip I’ve seen of the game but how did we not score a single goal first half?

How many times did he put it on a plate ffs

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