Mark Clattenburg (quitting PL)

Looks like he’ll be quitting the PL and move to Saudi Arabia

Even the refs are making money moves. The game is fucked.


Wasn’t anything special, was annointed as some kind of referee God by the PL etc just like Webb was.

Him quitting won’t effect the PL at all, the refereeing will be just as shit.

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To be fair to Mark, the football scene in Saudi Arabia is really taking off and it’s a credit to his professionalism that he’s ready to take the next step up in his career

aaawww really gonna miss him :xhaka:

Who gives a flying batshit fuck…piss off you wankstain we dont need an announcement just to see the back of you.


Good for him. Why shouldnt the refs get some extra money.

Good, he’s a theatrical bellend.

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I wonder if he’ll get his first payslip tatted on his arm


Maybe shaved into his flash hairstyle too, who knows he might go a bit pogba with it, and rewarding dodgy decisions give it a bit of a dab!

The Walcott of the referee. Overrated.

I dunno, I thought flash hairdos were a no-no over there. Not that I give two fucks one way or the other.

I think he’s a decent referee who because of a few famous decisions and because it’s become fashionable to hate on him is actually underrated in England. Definitely would prefer to see him stay, don’t need the quality of refereeing getting worse.

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The quality won’t get worse. It’s terrible and inconsistent now, it will be terrible and inconsistent in the future.

Well, replace a good referee with another Anthony Taylor type of which there seems to be an endless supply in England, and you move the needle down even if negligibly.

But yeah, you’re right, the only way to really improve the level of refereeing in a significant way is to introduce video technology, but I know where you stand on that one. :wink:

Where I stand on that one is I hope they do a trail. But I don’t think it will work all that well.

As much as people like to hate on him it’s going to be tough for anyone to name more than 1-2 other names in England that are better than him, so in that sense I don’t think he’s really underrated.

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I’m sure he’ll cash in rather good on that deal. Maybe I’m naiv in thinking a referee had better moral standards though. Who cares about human rights, medieval punishments and all that crap when there’s money to make. Good for Saudi Arabia too, that they can disguise themselves by attracting successful people in high regard, who can speak good about their lovely ca…sry…country. Disgusting.

So his Premier League swan song was the mighty Arsenal v Hull. He served us well. Definitely the best referee in the Premier League. Can he take Jon Moss and Mike Dean with him?

Mike Dean must stay in England until his Arsenal win %age can finally reach single figures