Mario Hermoso


He’s a 23 year old playing for Espanol, only about 6 feet tall so maybe a little on the smaller side for a CB but supposedly he’s been doing the business and got his first call up for the Spanish national team.

Not too sure if hes actually an option because supposedly Real Madrid have a buy back clause inserted. Otherwise from the reports i’ve read he may be an option because he has a 35m buy out. Sounds a bit like Torreira, and this is probably the only way we are gonna get these types of guys without paying insane money.


I’ve only heard very good things about him and he’s supposed to be one of the brightest Spanish defensive talents.

He’s a shade over 6 foot so he’s not particularly on the short side. I mean Fabio Cannavaro was something like 5’9 and he’s one of the greats so I think if you’re good enough and in exceptional circumstances you can totally circumvent the lack of height.


Any insight on this guy La Liga watchers? @AbouCuellar @will24


Unfortunately my viewership of La Liga has dropped off massively this season, despite paying for Eleven Sports haha.

One thing I would say is he has had a very good start to the season, and as A4TT said he was called up to the Spain squad recently and may be seen as a long tern replacement to Pique in the NT. Whilst this sort of signing is probably worth the risk for us (a young, developing talent, who is probably more talented than all our CBs combined). One caution I would add is that his new-found prominence was largely due to a very strong start by Espanyol, but their form has nose-dived recently so it’ll be interesting to see if his fame stays around. I also think Madrid have a buy-back clause making it a difficult signing. However, Madrid letting go of a player from their youth team is usually a sure sign that they will become a very good player :grin:.

All in all though I’m so out of sync with la liga and football at the moment so I really can’t offer any meaningful insight. I now only watch Real Betis/Barça and some derby games due to it not being so easy to access :confused:

@AbouCuellar will know much more about him than me


Madrids buyout is only 7.5m, so yeah if he’s all that I don’t see why they wouldn’t bring him back, but if he’s got a 35m buyout for us, it’s a no brainer for me if Sven thinks he’s got what it takes. Considering if he turns out to be a mainstay in the Spanish intl team he’d be worth double that amount, at least.


This is the guy I was telling @Darkseid about.

Sounds like he is Madrid bound tbh


Mario Gorgeous. I can live with that