Mario Götze


Because Performance can’t be described in words as well as statistics tend to do.
Words or Opinions like him being slow paced, indecisive, inconsistent, poor decision making, lacklustre can’t be defined in believable parameters which cannot be disputed as Statistics do.

You can list his goal tally, his assist & there is no denying those but what about Performance, how do i provide you with undisputed parameters of performance?

Hence players should always be judged by their on field performance. Those who actually saw the matches.

Statistics wise Maradona, Pelle had not much to other greats of that era but people who watched them play add to their legacy because Performance is best described by those who saw it.

Ronaldo matches Messi in terms of stats but everyone who watches Messi knows he whips the floor in terms of on pitch application.


You began your snide comments long before i even quoted Bayern forum.
Don’t try to deflect the issue of you not engaging in a debate yet stay there to make snide commentss.

For why did i quote them, check post to Darkseid.


Don’t get me wrong, like most of what you post I thought your argument was stupid right off the bat.


He did not miss sitters and making sideway passes in these 3 seasons.
He was hampered by injures and not getting trust from manager.

You mentioned, “I never said he wasn’t class before”… so that means he was class before.

Why not wait till he recover 100% and play some games for BVB and then decide if he is pussy/shit?
To say a “class player” (you admitted it) is pussy and bottler while he was injured and lost of confidence is just not a fair assessment at all.


Then just say that your argument is stupid & end the conversation if you have no further interest in the argument.

Why do you keep on plugging in with needless comments?


His injuries are overstated.
He had full 2013-14, 2014-15.
Missed 4 months last season. That’s it.





[quote=“Castiel, post:79, topic:198, full:true”]
Trion should come with a do not engage warning so new member don’t think we’re all like that.
[/quote]Think we have our next badge idea :wink:


The fucking audacity of you to accuse someone else of that.


Again anyone with no input to the debate should shut their trap & go elsewhere.

Especially people with ‘I am too cool for this’ attitude.

Don’t have anything to add, fuck off. This is a forum for debate, not an archive for one liners.
Why the heck did they make twats like you mods, i have no clue.


I’m confused, weren’t you of the opinion that Götze is a bit shit?


He means he has a bit too much junk in the trunk.


You are adding precisely fuck all to the debate. You’re just winding people up and trying to shout louder than everyone else.Just like you always do.

I’m not sure why you think it’s acceptable to call mods twats but keep doing so and see how you get on. :+1:


I am calling you as a person a twat.
you being a mod doesn’t make you immune to criticism or in this case name calling; Much like any citizen has the right to call out on their Prime Minister.

And you made an excellent case of deserving that tag by threatening me with ‘see how you get on’.

Well done, do misuse your powers.

As for the discussion, I have added enough in terms of dismissing the incorrect assertion that he was injured a lot, he was excellent in 2013-14, added excerpts from Bayern forum, Highlighted his poor performances in WC, Euros & for Bayern, etc etc.
Quite clear for anyone with unbiased eyes that the value addition is there.


Kill the fat calf, the prodigal son is back.


If you wish to engage me as a person then send me a pm, every post i make on here is as a mod whether you like it or not. If you wish to complain about me being a mod then contact an admin.

Overall, and i mean this most sincerely, just stop acting like a spoiled little prick every time someone disagrees you.


First para…fair enough.

Bold - I only respond the way someone responds to me. I often find myself engaged in a communication with several posters at the same time; so it will appear that I am being annoying, rather the truth remains that I am simply engaging in a conversation.
Problem arise when the conversation is with posters like Darkseid & Castiel who straight away began with name calling, rather than making counter argument.
As is my attitude, i would respond back with intention to annoy but at the same time, throw in my argument had it been a proper civil discussion.

Go through the conversation, if you wish to, and you will find what i am saying there.

So unless you have taken fellow posters’ prick-ness into consideration, calling me a spoiled little prick is just a quick judgement.


In Germany he’s generally referred to as “chubby” or “the fat one” or “fettergoetze” or “pummelfee”. So yeah, he’s a bit shit. He couldn’t get past my grandma.


His goalimpact is still right up there with Özil and Müller. His other numbers, are also still very good.

Now with a team playing at a higher pace, with a bit more focus on transitions, this could be quite the bargain.