Marginal Offsides


The question is for instances where attacker is ahead by fraction of inches or just an arm or toe ahead.

Should attackers get benefit of doubt?
should the rule be applied strictly?


It’s a fundamental rule of the game. The player is either offside or they’re not.


I would love it to be the benefit of the doubt.

If it’s a clear offside then there’s an advantage and it’s fair enough that it’s given, but if it’s marginal all it does is create hassle.

However, how do you enforce benefit of the doubt? How far “a bit offside” is “a bit too far offside”? Might as well keep it as the measurable thing.


A part of the body that is allowed to score is offside. ie a head, leg/foot, torso. But not a arm.


FIFA itself recommends that if the linemans is not sure, he shouldn’t raise the flag.

Unless VAR is implemented and used correctly, the benefit of the doubt should be given to the attacker.


That’s a pretty meaningless recommendation. Basically saying don’t raise your flag unless you think you should raise your flag. Which is what they do anyway.

I’m all for VAR if they get rid of linos altogether, just let the game flow and then just check for offside if a goal is scored.


nah, it could’ve said if you are not sure - raise the flag. Which would’ve changed a bunch of decisions probably.


Yes, that would have been worse.


My thoughts exactly.

Offside rule was developed to stop attackers from standing besides keepers, not to deny them of marginal advantage in game play.

But yes how do we regulate this is going to be huge problem.
With VAR around, it is even more imperative to find a way.