Marcus McGone

Never heard of him but he’s wanted by Juve and Utd and is a versatile DM apparently

Of course he is. No one has ever heard of him, but Juventus want him. :smile:

Mirror must be running out of content


He’s Irish! Though he has played for both England and ROI at youth level. Stay Irish man, we need another one of those!

But it probably won’t matter, he’s in the last year of his contract, he’ll be off. Meh.

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He’s been at the club since he was 6, hope he stays, can’t say he did much but looked at lot bigger than the rest of the kids

We haven’t had a regular starting Irish player since Eddie McGoldrick. It’s a shame considering there was always a few knocking about at the club for so long.

I mean obviously it’s cos most Irish players are shit but still.


i remember my sister taking me to a game when I was little and asking me who I think would score first and I randomly said Eddy McGoldrick and amazingly he did

I could probably figure out which game it was if did a bit of searching because I doubt that Happened very often

Also remember I was at the game ian Shelly broke his leg and when he was down on the pitch getting treatment I asked “has he broken his leg” and she said said probably not

I swear I was slightly psychic as a child lol

I think you might have imagined it…

The 7-0 win in Belgium is the Club’s best away win, and also their equal-largest success in European competition. It came in the 1993/94 Cup Winners’ Cup run and McGoldrick’s goal was his only strike of a three-year stay at Highbury.


Sorry but when I heard a fun story about Eddie I had to investigate further.

No way I’m sure it was him! Obviously not :thinking:

It might have just been that I said he was gonna play or something because I definately made a weird pradiction about Eddie McGoldrick that came true I’ve been told the story so many times lol

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Shortest player thread ever?


Marcus Mcgone :joy::joy: amazing

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To play 16 minutes for Barcelona reserves in the Catalan Super Cup, it’s really what dreams are made of.

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I’m glad you approve. :sunglasses:


Thread title banter. Roflcopter.